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18 videos for blindfolding category



A man is tied and blindfolded on the chair. Queeny and Ivy propose him a game. He has to guess which one will smother and put her feet over his nose.

Queeny starts with a tight and long handsmother. He guesses. Ivy does the same thing to him and he guesses. Queeny puts a hand over his mouth, while Queeny puts her stinky toes over his nose, forcing him to smell them. He guesses. The women change their roles and he guesses again.

Queeny puts a hand over his mouth and Ivy pinches his nose. This time he doesn't guess, because he MORE INFO

sadistic guessing game



Kelevra gets in the car. When she is turning on it, hitwoman Valerie in balaclava and black leather gloves put a hand over her mouth. She keeps her handgagged for over one minute, then she puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Kelevra struggles and tries to escape from her, but the substance takes effect and she faints.

Kelevra wakes up. She is tied up, gagged and blindfolded on a chair. She struggles again, making muffled screams. Valerie hears her and go to the room. She removes the blindfold and the gag, but Kelevra starts screaming, so she puts MORE INFO

merciless hitwoman 2



A man in mask and black leather gloves grabs Magena from behind, putting a chloroform cloth over her mouth. She struggles and tries to remove the cloth from her mouth, but he keeps it tight until she faints.

The man ties up her to a chair and puts a stuff inside her mouth, while she is sleeping. Then he cleavegags her.

Magena wakes up, starts struggling and tries to scream under the gag. Every time the man hears her muffled screams, he comes back to the room and puts her to sleep with chloroform. He does it for six times. Magena wakes MORE INFO

the doll



Stella is in the bedroom. Janelle attacks her from behind, holding a chloro cloth. She puts the cloth over her mouth, keeping it with both hands. Stella struggles, but the substance takes effect and she passes out.

When Stella wakes up, she finds herself tied up and gagged with scarves. She struggles again, trying to free herself. Janelle comes back to the bedroom and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth again.

Stella wakes up for the second time. This time she fins herself tied up,gagged and blindfolded.

Janelle puts to sleep Stella with chloroform six times. Each time she wakes up, she MORE INFO

her doll



Caroline is tied up, ballgagged and blindfolded on the floor. She struggles, tries to free herself and makes muffled screams. Eve arrives. She removes the blindfold from Caroline's eyes and the ballgag from her mouth. Caroline tries to call for help, but Eve puts a leather gloved hand over her mouth, telling her don't be afraid.

Eve starts tickling Caroline's armpits. Caroline screams and laughs too loud. Eve sometimes keeps her handgagged, so she can tickling her without hearing the noisy screams.

Eve tickles Caroline's nylon feet. She has no mercy and continues the game, handgagging her too. Caroline is ticklish, especially MORE INFO

bound and tickled



Eva is chatting at the phone. Stella appears behind her and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Eva struggles and tries to remove it. Stella keeps it tight. The substance takes effect and Eva faints.

Eva wakes up. She notices she can't speak nor see, because she is ballgagged and blindfolded. She makes muffled screams biting the ballgag.

Stella comes back and submits Eva to a weird test. She must reply to the questions Stella asks her, with ballgag on and sometimes with nose pinched. She only makes unappreciated screams.

Stella can't understands Eva's word, so she takes off her MORE INFO

talking with a ballgag



An evil man kidnaps Alison, who is the girlfriend of Mr.Wale, a famous contractor. He grabs her from behind, putting a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. She struggles and tries to escape from him, but the substance takes effect and she passes out.

He lifts and carries her inside an apartment, where he ties up, gags and blindfolds her. Alison wakes up. The man explains the reason he kidnaps her. He takes the phone and calls Mr.Wale. He wants 500.000 $, so Mr.Wale asks for hear Alison's voice. The man takes off gag and blindfold. She say: "help MORE INFO




Daisy, a woman in balaclava, leather gloves and leather pants breaks into Angel and Candy apartment. She hears a noise of steps, so she waits hidden behind the couch.

Candy sits down on the couch and starts reading a magazine. Daisy grabs her from behind, covering her mouth with a chloro cloth. Candy makes muffled sounds and tries to free herself, but Daisy keep the cloth very tight, so Candy passes out.

Daisy reaches the bedroom, where Angel is sleeping. She chloroforms her too and keeps the cloth until Angel faints.

Both tenants are tied up, gagged and blindfolded. The masked woman takes MORE INFO

sadistic masked intruder 2



Regina is teaching an English lesson to Nira. They take a break, so Nira goes to the bathroom to wash her hands and face. At the same time, Ginger, a woman with balaclava and black leather gloves, breaks into the home from the bathroom window. She takes a cloth and pours chloroform in it.

Ginger grabs Nira from behind, keeping her quiet with the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Nira can't call for help. She is forced by Ginger to breath the substance until she passes out. Ginger drags her away.

After some minutes, Regina calls Nira, but she doesn't MORE INFO

sadistic masked intruder



A misterious woman is pouring the chloroform on a cloth. We can see only her black leather gloves, legs covered with brown stockings and high heels shoes.

Niki is sending a sms with the cell phone. The woman slowly walks and catches her from behind, covering her mouth and nose with the chloro cloth. A long close up scene, where the camera only shows the gloved hand keeps the cloth over Niki's face, while she is struggling with wide eyes open. After a long and intense breath, Niki passes out.

Niki wakes up and find herself tied up, gagged and blindfolded on MORE INFO

female serial 2