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Bianca is talking at the phone with her friend. Luna appears behind her, wearing a surgical mask and a pair of surgical white gloves. She puts her both gloved hands over her mouth and keeps them tight. Bianca struggles, kicks and tries to remove them. Luna takes a chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth, keeping it with both hands. Bianca makes muffled screams, before passing out.

Bianca wakes up, bound and gagged on the bed with duct tape. She struggles and makes muffled screams, so Luna comes back. She sits astride over her chest and starts handsmothering her with MORE INFO

hypochondriac mad woman



The second part of a compilation where women in leather gloves chloroform, handgag or handsmother tight other women or men.

Taken from different clips.

chloro hom in leather gloves part 2



Kristi is doing a shower. When she finishes, she start drying herself with a towel. Karol and Sweet breaks into the bathroom, wearing a pair of black leather gloves. Karol grabs Kristi from behind and puts a gloved hand over her mouth. At the same time, Sweet pours the chloroform on a cloth. Kristi is chloroformed by Sweet, who keeps the cloth over her mouth until she passes out.

Karol and Sweet play with naked limp body of Kristi, fondling it. Kristi wakes up, so Sweet puts a hand over her mouth and Karol starts licking her pussy. Then she takes a strapon and fucks MORE INFO

double invasion 5(extended version)



Indica receives a message by a stalker and she is scared. She tries to call a friend for help, but it's too late. A gloved hand with a chloro cloth covers her mouth and nose. She tries to escape and scream, but the substance takes effect and she passes out.

The stalker is Sablique, who ties up her on the bed, takes off her shoes and socks and plays with her bare feet.

When Indica wakes up, Sablique puts a sock inside her mouth and gags her with duct tape. Then she gropes her breasts, keeping her handgagged. She takes the chloro MORE INFO

maniac woman 3 (extended version)



Gaia gets up. Pamela immediately grabs her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Gaia struggles and tries to scream, but Pamela keeps the cloth tight until she slowly passes out.

Gaia wakes up. She is tied up and gagged with duct tape on the chair. She struggles and make muffled screams.

Pamela comes back and removes the gag from her mouth. We understand both women are members of Black Ravens Cult and Gaia is another traitor, so Pamela, in catsuit and leather gloves, keeps her quiet with a hand over her mouth.

Like all Black Ravens executrixes, MORE INFO

she is a black ravens member



Janelle is in the living room and wears a white shirt, a tie, a black skirt and pantyhose. A man in balaclava and leather gloves grabs her from behind and keeps her handgagged. At the same time, he gropes her breasts. Then he takes a chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth and nose. She struggles and tries to escape, but the substance takes effect and she passes out.

The man takes off her shoes, fondles her feet in pantyhose and her body. She slowly wakes up and he keeps her handgagged, to prevent her for scream. Then he puts MORE INFO

playing with janelle 5



Lilian wakes up and sees the man in balaclava and leather gloves is still there. He keeps her handgagged and explains he wants to see her in a new pair of pantyhose. She has to put on it, because she knows he isn't joking. When she is wearing it, he admires her for some seconds and takes off his balaclava. He is Gianluca, a coy employee who work with her.

He puts a chloroform soaked pair of pantyhose over her mouth and nose anyway. She makes muffled screams and he keeps pantyhose tight until she faints.

He plays with her limp body, MORE INFO

stalking of employee continues



Gaia and Pamela are on the couch. Gaia is massaging Pamela's neck, when she puts a hand over her mouth and starts groping her breasts. Pamela makes muffled screams, gag talks and kicks. Gaia keeps her tightly handgagged for some minutes. Sometimes she pinches her nose too, handsmothering her.

Gaia takes a chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth and nose. Pamela continues gag talking and kicking. She tries to remove the cloth too. Gaia keeps it tight until she slowly faints.

Gaia puts a piece of duct tape over her mouth and sucks her toes, while she is sleeping. When MORE INFO

fake massage



Lilian wakes up and sees the man in balaclava and leather gloves is still there. He asks her to put on a different pair of pantyhose and take off her shirt, because he finds her very sexy. She refuses, so he puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. She struggles and keeps her eyes wide open. He keeps it until she passes out.

The man plays with her limp body, fondling her soles and legs. She slowly wakes up and understands she has to do what he wants. She takes off her shirt, showing her black dress. She takes MORE INFO

employee stalked again



Lexia comes to the room with a black catsuit and calls a man on the phone. She asks him if he already purchased the flight ticket.

Bianca appears in the room, full dressed in leather. She pours the chloroform on a cloth, then she puts it over Lexia's mouth and nose. Lexia struggles and makes muffled screams. Bianca keeps the cloth until she faints.

Bianca ties up and cleavegags Lexia on a chair. When she wakes up, she explains she is captured because she betrayed the "Black Ravens Cult" and as her predecessor, she deserves a punishment.

Bianca slaps her face with leather MORE INFO

another traitor