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Cleo, full dressed in black leather, enters in the bedroom where his slave is sleeping. She starts her daily domination, sitting over his face and smothering him with her leather pants. She holds his breath several times. He is forced to smell the fragrance of leather.

Near the half of the clip, Cleo takes off the pants and continues her facesitting domination in pantyhose and underwear. She smothers him without mercy. When he can breathe, he is forced to smell her stinky pussy and ass. She continues her hard smother actions until his end.

under the ass 3
Tags: leather fetish, facesitting, ass smother, smother, breathplay, femdom



Janelle is on the bed. She is reading a magazine. Kri breaks into her apartment and tries to attack her, because she was a friend of Kelevra and she wants avenging her. Janelle is stronger than her, so she throws her on the bed and sits over her neck. Kri begs her to let her go with a difficulty speaking, because she is breathing hard.

Janelle doesn't listen to her and continues her kinky game. She repeatedly sits down with her leather ass over her face, smothering her. Sometimes she reads the magazine at the same time.

After a long and hard MORE INFO

failed revenge
Tags: leather fetish, facesitting, ass smother, smother, breathplay, female domination



Janelle is in her room, where Mary enters and orders her to clean it. Janelle refuses, so Mary decides to punish her, putting an arm around her neck and a hand over her mouth and nose. She does it three times, then she leaves the room. Thinking a revenge, Janelle takes a cloth and a pair of black leather gloves and puts on them.

Mary comes back and notices the room still dirty. Janelle grabs her from behind and puts the cloth over her mouth and nose. Mary struggles, but the chloroform takes effect and she passes out.

Mary wakes up with MORE INFO

clean your room
Tags: leather gloves, hand over mouth, handgag, handsmother, chloroform, smother, facesitting, strangulation



Stella is coming back to work. Ariane is hidden behind a car and calls her boss, telling him the target is there. She grabs Stella from behind while she is opening the door, then she puts a chloro cloth over her mouth. Stella struggles and tries to escape, but Ariane keeps the cloth tight until she passes out.

Stella wakes up. She feels weak and slowly gets up. Ariane grabs her from behind, puts an arm around her neck and a gloved hand over her mouth and nose. She continues this handsmother action for several minutes, pushing her hand tight. Then MORE INFO

ariane the hitwoman
Tags: leather gloves, leather fetish, chloroform, hand over mouth, handgag, handsmother, facesitting, breathplay, bagging, suffocation



Kelevra is jealous because Meryl repeatedly calls her boyfriend, so she decides to give her a lesson. She grabs her from behind, putting an arm around her neck. She makes a tight sleeperhold grip, until Meryl passes out.

Meryl wakes up and finds herself tied up with duct tape. Kelevra thinks this is not enough for her, so she wraps her body with cellophane and still unsatisfied, puts several pieces of duct tape over it.

Now Meryl is on the bed. She can't move. Kelevra keeps her quiet and smothers her with both hands over her mouth and nose. Then she puts MORE INFO

facesitting punishment
Tags: sleeperhold, tape bondage, mummification, hand over mouth, handsmother, gagged women, facesitting, breathplay, female domination



Janelle breaks into the bedroom and grabs Kelevra from behind, putting an arm around her neck. Kelevra struggles, but she can't do anything against the strong sleeperhold grip of Janelle.

After a good demonstration of her strength, Janelle drags Kelevra to the bed and sits down over her chest. She explains to her she works for a rival company and she needs a password code. Kelevra doesn't reveal it, so Janelle squashes her with the heavy body and sits over her face, holding her breath. Kelevra is too small to defend itself, so Janelle has no mercy and continues smothering her.


under the ass 2
Tags: sleeperhold, facesitting, ass smothering, squash, smother, female domination



Janelle and Liz start a fight with black pants and leather gloves on. Janelle throws Liz on the floor and puts an arm around her neck and a gloved hand over her mouth and nose. Liz reacts and sits down over Janelle's chest. She squeezes her neck tight with gloved hands and continues the action for several minutes, alternating it with some hand over mouth. Then she smothers her with a good facesitting technique and continues it without mercy.

When Liz thinks Janelle passed out, this one gets up and grabs her from behind, making another strong sleeperhold + handsmother action MORE INFO

gloved smother fight
Tags: leather gloves, cat fight, female fight, sleeperhold, hand over mouth, handgag, handsmother, strangulation, facesitting, smother, breathplay



Eva breaks into a house and waits hidden inside a bedroom. When the tenant enters in it, she grabs him from behind and puts a chloro cloth over his mouth and nose. He struggles and makes muffled screams. Eva keeps the cloth tight until he faints and falls to the ground.

The man wakes up and finds himself wrapped up inside a plastic sheet. Eva explains him she is a bounty huntress and she knows there is a reward on his head. He tells her she got the wrong person, but she immediately takes a piece of duct tape and puts MORE INFO

bounty huntress
Tags: leather pants, chloroform, bondage, mummification, facesitting, ass smothering, breathplay, suffocation, female domination



Kelevra is reading a magazine. Valentina appears behind her, wearing a leather jacket, a pair of leather gloves and a pair of stockings. She grabs Kelevra from behind, putting an arm around her neck and a gloved hand over her mouth. Kelevra struggles and she keeps her quiet, dragging her to the bed and sitting down over her chest. She puts her both gloved hands over her mouth, handsmothering her.

Valentina continues her breathplay action for several minutes. Then she slides over Kelevra's face and sits over it. She holds her breath with a very sensual facesitting technique. This is not MORE INFO

smothering in leather 2
Tags: leather jacket, leather gloves, stockings, hand over mouth, sleeperhold, handgag, handsmother, facesitting, scissorhold, breathplay



Kelevra and Janelle start a fight in pantyhose. Kelevra hits Janelle with some punches and kicks, but Janelle has a good resistance and throws her to the floor. She puts an arm around her neck and holds her head, making a strong sleeperholdaction. She keeps the arm for a couple of minutes. Kelevra is still on the floor and Janelle sits over her face with her weighty body, smothering her. Then she changes technique and puts her legs around her neck, making a hard scissorhold action. She repeats the facesitting and scissorhold again, then she strangles her and puts a hand MORE INFO
kelevra vs janelle pantyhose fight
Tags: cat fight, female fight, pantyhose, sleeperhold, facesitting, ass smother, scissorhold, smother, strangulation, hand over mouth, handsmother, foot smelling