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Jamie explains to nurse Sunshine she has neck pain. Sunshine tells her to sit down and starts massaging it. She tells her to close her eyes too. Sunshine puts on a mask and a pair of surgical gloves. Then she takes a cloth and pours the chloroform on it. She puts the cloth over Jamie's mouth and nose, who starts struggling and tries to remove Sunshine's gloved hand. The nurse keeps the cloth tight until Jamie passes out.

Sunshine leaves Jamie in underwear while she is sleeping and fondles her limp body. She puts her stinky feet in pantyhose over her MORE INFO

mad nurse



Janelle and Liz are showing their soles in pantyhose. They talk about their stinky feet and decide to play a game. They have to smell them each other. The one who resists more time under the feet will be the winner.

Liz lays down and Janelle puts her feet in pantyhose over her mouth and nose. Liz struggles, because she can't stand the odour. Janelle pushes the feet tight for almost four minutes and forces Liz to smell them.

The women change their roles. Janelle lays down and Liz puts her feet over her mouth and nose. Liz's feet are very smelly MORE INFO

stinky feet game



A misterious man in balaclava and black leather gloves grabs Valentina from behind and keeps her handgagged. Valentina struggles and tries to escape, but he takes a chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth and nose. He keeps it tight for one minute, when Valentina slowly passes out.

The man takes off Valentina shoes and socks while she is sleeping. Then he smell her bare stinky feet.

Valentina wakes up and tries to leave the room, but the man grabs her again and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth. She struggles, but she can't escape from him and faints.

Valentina now MORE INFO

sexy jogger gagged



Eva is in underwear and wear only a pair of nylon pantyhose. She shows her large soles in front of the camera for a couple of minutes, covered by them.

Stella is tied up on the bed and Eva now is near her. She fondles her body with feet in pantyhose, then she puts them over her mouth and nose, forcing her to smell them. Stella struggles and tries to scream, because she can't resist under the feet of Eva. They are stinky.

Eva pushes her feet in pantyhose over Stella's mouth and nose several times, for almost ten minutes. She continues MORE INFO

smelly pantyhose slave



Vanessa enters in the room and looks around. A man in balaclava and black leather gloves grabs her from behind and puts a gloved hand over her mouth. She struggles and makes muffled screams. He keeps her handgagged, then he puts a chloro cloth over her mouth. He keeps it tight until she passes out and falls to the floor.

The man takes off the boots of Vanessa and fondles her legs and feet with socks. Vanessa wakes up and tries to scream, but he takes the chloro cloth and puts her to sleep.

The man takes off the socks and smells MORE INFO

heavily gagged



Vonka wakes up and finds a pair of black leather gloves and pantyhose on the chair. She puts on them, then she opens a drawer and takes a bottle and a cloth. She pours the chloroform on the cloth, then she sits down over Cali's chest. Cali wakes up and she puts a gloved hand over her mouth, to keep her quiet. Then she puts the cloth over her mouth. Cali struggles and tries to escape, but the substance takes effect and she faints.

Vonka fondles the limp body of Cali and smells her bare stinky feet. Cali wakes up and MORE INFO

perverse dream



Shanti is the mistress of Laura's brother and tells her he belongs to her. Laura replies telling to leave him alone and two women start fighting. Shanti throws Laura on the floor, sits down over her chest and puts her stinky feet over her face, forcing her to smell them. She continues this kind of domination for several minutes and does it standing up too and pushing the foot over her mouth tight.

After a long kinky game, Shanti decides to leave the room, but Laura grabs her from behind and throws her to the floor. Now Laura forced Shanti to MORE INFO

stinky feet fight



Kelevra and Janelle start a fight in pantyhose. Kelevra hits Janelle with some punches and kicks, but Janelle has a good resistance and throws her to the floor. She puts an arm around her neck and holds her head, making a strong sleeperhold action. She keeps the arm for a couple of minutes.

Kelevra is still on the floor and Janelle sits over her face with her weighty body, smothering her. Then she changes technique and puts her legs around her neck, making a hard scissorhold action. She repeats the facesitting and scissorhold again, then she strangles her and puts a MORE INFO

kelevra vs janelle: pantyhose fight



Luna goes to the home of her ex boyfriend and tells she still loves him. The man has another girlfriend now, so this makes her angry. She takes a chloro cloth and puts it over his mouth. The man struggles, but she keeps the cloth with both gloved hands and waits until he passes out.

The man is tied to the chair with handcuffs. Luna takes off her leather boots and puts her bare stinky feet over his face, so he wakes up. After the second discussion, Luna decides to play with him, handgagging and handsmothering him several times.

Luna takes his MORE INFO

jealousy 2



Eva and Diane are in nylon pantyhose and start a fight. Eva grabs Diane from behind and puts an arm around her neck and a hand over her mouth and nose. The sleeperhold + handsmother action continues for two minutes, then Diane throws Eva to the floor and forces her to smell her stinky feet.

Eva removes the feet from her face and continues a sleeperhold + handsmother action for other two minutes.Then she throws Diane to the floor and puts her legs around her neck, making a tight scissorhold smothering technique, wich has a duration of over three minutes.


eva vs diane: pantyhose fight