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Janelle is in the living room and wears a white shirt, a tie, a black skirt and pantyhose. A man in balaclava and leather gloves grabs her from behind and keeps her handgagged. At the same time, he gropes her breasts. Then he takes a chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth and nose. She struggles and tries to escape, but the substance takes effect and she passes out.

The man takes off her shoes, fondles her feet in pantyhose and her body. She slowly wakes up and he keeps her handgagged, to prevent her for scream. Then he puts MORE INFO

playing with janelle 5
Tags: balaclava, leather gloves, hand over mouth, handgag, chloroform, limp body play, groping, tape bondage, gagged women, neck chop ko



Lilian wakes up and sees the man in balaclava and leather gloves is still there. He keeps her handgagged and explains he wants to see her in a new pair of pantyhose. She has to put on it, because she knows he isn't joking. When she is wearing it, he admires her for some seconds and takes off his balaclava. He is Gianluca, a coy employee who work with her.

He puts a chloroform soaked pair of pantyhose over her mouth and nose anyway. She makes muffled screams and he keeps pantyhose tight until she faints.

He plays with her limp body, MORE INFO

stalking of employee continues
Tags: leather gloves, balaclava, hand over mouth, handgag, chloroform, limp body play, maledom, pantyhose



Gianluca is napping to a couch. Bianca and Lux come back to home and see him. Bewildered by the intrusion, they decide to give him the right punishment. Lux puts an arm around his neck and Bianca kicks his crotch. He wakes up and begs them to let him go. They don't accept runaround and continue their domination. Bianca puts her arm around his neck and keeps it tight, making a strong sleeperhold grip. He can't resist for long time and faints.

They lift and carry him to a chair, where they tie and gag him. When he wakes up, they MORE INFO

sleeping on their couch 2
Tags: femdom, sleeperhold, gagged men, tape bondage, hand over mouth, handgag, handsmother, facesitting, armpit smother, knee smother, breast smother



Gaia and Pamela are on the couch. Gaia is massaging Pamela's neck, when she puts a hand over her mouth and starts groping her breasts. Pamela makes muffled screams, gag talks and kicks. Gaia keeps her tightly handgagged for some minutes. Sometimes she pinches her nose too, handsmothering her.

Gaia takes a chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth and nose. Pamela continues gag talking and kicking. She tries to remove the cloth too. Gaia keeps it tight until she slowly faints.

Gaia puts a piece of duct tape over her mouth and sucks her toes, while she is sleeping. When MORE INFO

fake massage
Tags: hand over mouth, handgag, handsmother, chloroform, foot worship, toe sucking, gagged women, bagging, breathplay, suffocation



The man in balaclava and leather gloves carries Valentina over his shoulder and places her over the table. When she wakes up, he orders her to put on a black dress, because he likes so much this outfit.

She does it, but he puts her to sleep with chloroform anyway. He does it many times and plays with her limp body, fondling her feet in pantyhose and her ass.

Every time she tries to escape, crawling on the floor, he reaches her and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose.

He lifts and carries her again, gags and ties her with MORE INFO

stalking of Valentina continues
Tags: leather gloves, balaclava, chloroform, limp body play, pantyhose, lift and carry



Valentina wakes up naked on the couch. She remembers what happened. A man broke into her house, repeatedly put her to sleep and played with her limp body. This make her scared. She puts on her underwear, shirt, pantyhose, skirt and heels.

When she is leaving the room, the man in balaclava and leather gloves grabs her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth. She is still weak and passes out.

The man lifts and carries her to the couch. He takes off her high heels shoes and fondles her feet in pantyhose.

Valentina wakes up and slowly crawls on MORE INFO

Valentina stalked again
Tags: balaclava, leather gloves, chloroform, pantyhose, limp body play, groping, gagged women



Valentina sees a man broke into her house. He is napping on her couch. She decides to give him a punishment.

She puts an arm around his neck, making a strong sleeperhold grip. He tries to scream and struggles, but he can't breathe and slowly faints. Valentina drags him on the floor and ties up his wrists.

A long smother domination begins: Valentina keeps the man handgagged with one hand, then she squeezes his neck with the other one. She uses her breasts to smother him, leaving no air under them. She sits with her smelly underpants over his mouth and nose and stays there for several minutes.

The man is forced to stay with MORE INFO

sleeping on her couch
Tags: sleeperhold, hand over mouth, handgag, strangulation, breasts smother, facesitting, knee smother, armpit smother, bondage, gagged men, femdom



Valentina is an agent who has just came back from work. She takes off her cloth, leaving only the underwear and pantyhose. She goes to bed and starts sleeping.

A man in balaclava and leather gloves breaks into the bedroom, takes a cloth and pours the chloroform on it. He puts the cloth over Valentina's mouth and nose. She immediately wakes up and makes muffled screams. She has no time to struggle and escape, because the substance takes effect and she faints.

The man gags her with a pair of pantyhose. She wakes up and tries to escape, but he grabs her MORE INFO

stalked agent
Tags: balaclava, leather gloves, pantyhose, chloroform, hand over mouth, handgag, limp body play, lifting and carrying, gagged women



Stella is tied up and gagged with duct tape on the chair. She struggles and tries calling for help.

Eva comes back, full dressed in leather. She fondles her head with leather gloves on, then she puts an arm around her neck, smothering her with a tight sleeperhold grip.

Eva continues her kinky game, putting her both gloved hands around Stella's neck, strangling her. She does it several times, alternating it with other sleeperhold grip.

Near the end, Eva takes a rope, ties it around Stella's neck and pulls it, strangling her. She has no mercy and continues this perverse action until the MORE INFO

dangerous leather 3
Tags: leather pants, leather jacket, leather gloves, tape bondage, gagged women, sleeperhold, strangulation



Rachel is a cia agent, full dressed in leather with jacket, pants, boots and gloves. She tied up and gagged Janelle for interrogation.

She starts talking to the prisoner, but Janelle, who is Italian and doesn't understand what she tells, tries to say something in her language under the tape.

Rachel removes the tape from her mouth and asks her some questions, putting the gun inside her mouth. She understands she captured the wrong person and calls her boss, who replies she has to kill the prisoner anyway.

In the meantime, Janelle frees herself and hits Rachel's on her stomach with a punch. MORE INFO

cia agent mistake
Tags: leather fetish, leather gloves, gun, leather boots, tape bondage, gagged women, cat fight, strangulation