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Eleonore is compiling some documents. Ammalia, a masked thief with a nylon stocking over her head, black leather pants and black leather gloves, appears behind her. She holds a chloro cloth and puts it over Eleonore's mouth and nose. Eleonore struggles and tries to escape from thief, but this one throws her to the ground, keeping the cloth over her mouth with gloved hand. The chloroform takes effect and Eleonore passes out. Ammalia starts searching inside the drawers, but she doesn't find valuable objects. She hears Eleonore, who is waking up, so she comes back to her and puts the chloro MORE INFO
merciless thief
Tags: chloroform, leather gloves, encasement mask, thief, leather, bagging



Kelly Kane is running toward her apartment. A misterious woman dressed in black, with balaclava and black leather gloves, is following her. The woman reaches Kelly near the entrance door and grabs her from behind, covering her mouth and nose with a chloro cloth. Kelly struggles and tries to remove the cloth, but she is forced to smell the chloroform. The woman keeps it until Kelly passes out. Kelly is tied up and gagged to the couch. Masked woman takes off her black leather boots, showing her feet, covered with a pair of stockings. She puts both feet over her mouth and MORE INFO
under leather woman control
Tags: leather, balaclava, leather gloves, chloroform, bondage, foot smelling, hand over mouth, handgag, handsmother, strangulation



Regina is teaching an English lesson to Nira. They take a break, so Nira goes to the bathroom to wash her hands and face. At the same time, Ginger, a woman with balaclava and black leather gloves, breaks into the home from the bathroom window. She takes a cloth and pours chloroform in it. Ginger grabs Nira from behind, keeping her quiet with the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Nira can't call for help. She is forced by Ginger to breath the substance until she passes out. Ginger drags her away. After some minutes, Regina calls Nira, but she doesn't MORE INFO
sadistic masked intruder
Tags: leather gloves, mask fetish, chloroform, bondage, female domination, handgag, handsmother, hand over mouth, strangulation



Dee is a mad woman who intimidated Jamie with a lot of phone calls. This time, she breaks into her apartment and reaches the bedroom, while she is sleeping on the bed. She wears a pair of long black satin gloves and a surgical mask.

Jamie wakes up with the chloro cloth over her mouth. At first she is able to remove the Dee's gloved hand and tries to go out, but the crazy woman is faster than her and she forces her to smell the chloroform again. This time her grip is tighter than before and Jamie can't escape from MORE INFO

dee the stalker
Tags: hand over mouth, handgag, handsmother, chloroform, satin gloves, limp fetish, female domination



Simona is tied and gagged on the chair. Ammalia enters in the room, dressed in black and with a stocking mask over her head. She rubs her feet, covered with a pair of brown stockings, on Simona's body. Ammalia removes her stockings and puts them over Simona's eyes and mouth, to blindfold and gag better her. Now the dominatrix can put her stinky feet over her slave's face, forcing her to smell them. It's time for Simona to feel the power of a Domina who wears a pair of short black leather gloves. Ammalia handsmothers her with both gloved hands, covering her MORE INFO
kinky masked dominatrix
Tags: hand over mouth, handgag, handsmother, leather gloves, bondage, foot smelling, smell fetish, female domination



Angel is a cruel mistress who seeks secretaries at work and puts them into submission. She enters in the Simona's studio, wearing a surgical mask and a pair of surgical latex gloves. While Simona is working, Angel takes the chloro cloth and grabs her from behind, putting it over her mouth and nose. Simona makes a lot of muffled scream. Her eyes are wide open, because she is scared and she is forced to breath the vapours of chloroform. Angel keeps the cloth until Simona passes out. Angel starts to strip the secretary, but this one wakes up. Angel chloroforms her again MORE INFO
the seeker
Tags: hand over mouth, handsmother, surgical gloves, surgical mask, chloroform, sleeperhold, female domination



Niky is a wagtail who is training with lap dance. Eleonore is the owner of a night club and she is furious, because she discovered Niky working in another place. Eleonore breaks into NIki's apartment, dressed in leather and with a stocking mask. She grabs her from behind, covering her mouth with a chloro cloth. She keep the gloved hand tightly, so Niky can't escape from her. Eleonore waits until Niky passes out. Niky is tied, gagged and blindfolded on the couch. Eleonore fondles her body, then she removes her shoes, starting a tickle domination on her feet. She uses gloved hands MORE INFO
wagtail in distress
Tags: handgag, hand over mouth, handsmother, chloroform, leather gloves, tickling, female domination, bondage



Robber and hitwoman Jenny is dressed in nylon encasement, with a stocking mask and a pair of black leather gloves. She grabs Laura from behind, putting a chloro cloth over her face. She keeps it until Laura passes out. Jenny ties and gags with duct tape her victim and begins stealing into her house. Every time Laura wakes up, Jenny chloroforms her again. She uses the facesitting technique too. When Jenny searchs in the drawers and finds nothing, she decides to finish her victim Laura, with a final gloved handsmother ko. MORE INFO
Tags: handgag, handsmother, hand over mouth, leather gloves, chloroform, female domination, strangulation, facesitting



Mistress Ivy likes so much the hand over mouth domination, wearing stocking mask and a pair of black leather gloves. Her next slave is Vale. Vale is doing a shower. When she goes out from the bathroom, Ivy grabs her from behind, handgagging her. The handgag is very tight, so Vale can't breath and passes out. 22 minutes of gloved hand over mouth and gloved hands around neck. MORE INFO
mask and gloves domination
Tags: handgag, handsmother, hand over mouth, leather gloves, strangulation



Cherie and Jade are talking on the couch. Cherie goes to the bathroom where Amber, with balaclava and black leather gloves is waiting her.

Amber keep Cherie handgagged, fondling her. Then she covers her mouth and nose with a chloro cloth, until Cherie passes out.

Jade calls Cherie, but she doesn't receive an answer. She goes to the bathroom. Amber captures her, handgagging and chloroforming her.

Now Cherie and Jade are tied, gagged and blindfolded on the couch. Amber removes balaclava and boots, then she forces both women to smell her feet, covered with a pair of dark stockings.

Amber handsmothers Cherie with both MORE INFO

amber the fetish hitwoman
Tags: handgag, handsmother, hand over mouth, chloroform, leather gloves, bondage, foot smelling, female domination