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22 videos for SMELL FETISH category



Mary takes off her high heels shoes and shows a close up of her soles under a pair of stockings. She goes to the bedroom, where she finds Janelle who is masturbating herself.

Mary puts her stinky feet in stockings over Janelle's mouth and nose and forces her to smell them. This makes Janelle very excited, so Mary puts her fingers inside her pussy and continues masturbating her.

Near the half of the clip, Mary takes off her stockings and keeps her stinky feet over Janelle's face. Janelle smells and licks her soles, while she continues fingering her pussy. This kinky game MORE INFO

stinky feet make excited
Tags: pantyhose, foot smelling, foot domination, pantyhose domination, masturbation, fingering, lesbian domination, female domination



Eva is in underwear and wear only a pair of nylon pantyhose. She shows her large soles in front of the camera for a couple of minutes, covered by them.

Stella is tied up on the bed and Eva now is near her. She fondles her body with feet in pantyhose, then she puts them over her mouth and nose, forcing her to smell them. Stella struggles and tries to scream, because she can't resist under the feet of Eva. They are stinky.

Eva pushes her feet in pantyhose over Stella's mouth and nose several times, for almost ten minutes. She continues MORE INFO

smelly pantyhose slave
Tags: nylon pantyhose, foot fetish, tape bondage, foot smelling, foot domination, pantyhose domination, female domination



Jordan is in the bedroom and Ela reaches her, holding a chloro cloth. She puts it over her mouth and nose and keeps it tight. Jordan struggles and tries to scream, but Ela has no mercy and she passes out. Ela ties up Jordan with handcuffs. Both women wear only a pair of pantyhose. When Jordan wakes up, Ela puts her stinky feet over her face, forcing her to smell them, then she tickles her feet. Jordan is ticklish, but she is not able to laugh, because Ela at the same time gags her with pantyhoses stinky feet. After a long foot MORE INFO
smelling and tickling
Tags: chloroform, pantyhose, foot smelling, tickling, foot tickling, female feet



Tilly confesses to Cali she likes smelling feet of other women. Cali likes kinky games too, so she puts hers over Tilly's face. Tilly tells her the feet and pantyhose are very stinky, so Cali keeps the toes over her nose. Cali likes this game, but she wants tying and tickling Tilly too. She puts on a pair of red leather gloves and takes a chloro cloth, then she puts it over Tilly's mouth and nose. Tilly makes muffled screams and Cali keeps it until she faints. Tilly wakes up tied up, with the nylon foot of Cali over her nose. She MORE INFO
red gloves on soles
Tags: pantyhose, nylon feet, foot smelling, leather gloves, chloroform, bondage, tickling, foot tickling, stinky feet



Lunakya breaks into Soraya's studio. She pours the chloroform on a cloth and moves toward Soraya. She puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Soraya makes muffled screams and tries to remove the cloth. Lunakya keeps the cloth until she passes out. Soraya is bound on the floor. Lunakya takes off her boots, showing her feet, covered with nylon stockings. She puts them over Soraya's face, forcing her to smell them. Lunakya puts to sleep Soraya with chloroform again. She takes off her stockings. Now we can see her bare feet. She continues her foot domination action against Soraya, forcing MORE INFO
lunakya stinky feet
Tags: chloroform, bondage, nylon feet, foot smelling, foot worship, foot domination, female domination



New model Obscura takes off her boots and shows a close up of her feet, covered with a pair of brown stockings. She fondles them.

Her slave Janelle is tied with handcuffs and gagged with duct tape. Obscura puts a stinky foot over her nose, forcing her to smell it. She continues the game different times, rubbing both feet over Janelle's nose. She pushes them over her face too, smothering her.

Obscura takes off her stockings. She puts her stinky bare feet over Janelle's nose again. This is very humiliating for poor Janelle, who is forced to smell the odour and taste MORE INFO

at obscura feet
Tags: nylon feet, foot smelling, foot worship, foot smother, bondage, gagging, female domination



Nina is tied and gagged with duct tape on the floor. She struggles and tries to get up in vain. Natasha arrives. She fondles Nina's body, then she takes off her shoes. She tells they are so stinky because she wears them for long time. She puts them over Nina's mouth and nose. Natasha shows her feet, covered with stockings. They are so stinky too and she forces her victim to smell them deeply. Nina can't resist and passes out. Nina is sleeping. Natasha takes her bare feet and licks toes and soles. When Nina wakes up, Natasha continues her smelly humiliation. She MORE INFO
feet stockings slave
Tags: tape bondage, shoe smelling, foot smelling, foot worship, smell fetish, female domination



Nina meets Natasha. She tells her she just bought a new perfume. Natasha asks if she can smell it. Nina pulls out a rag and puts it over her mouth and nose. Natasha feels a tang and she understands it is not perfume but chloroform. Nina keeps the rag over her mouth tight. Natasha tries to remove it, but the substance takes effect and she slowly passes out. Nina takes a pair of black leather gloves and puts on them, showing her palms. Natasha wakes up, finding herself tied and gagged with duct tape. Nina tells her she has to smell other MORE INFO
Tags: chloroform, leather gloves, tape bondage, boot smelling, stocking smelling, foot licking, hand over mouth, handgag, handsmother, strangulation



Holly breaks into Alison's studio and waits hidden in the bathroom. She has a pair of black leather gloves. When Alison comes back, she grabs her from behind and puts a gloved hand over her mouth, keeping her quiet. She takes a chloro cloth and puts it over Alison's mouth and nose. The victim struggles and tries to remove the cloth. Holly pushes it tightly with both hands. Alison feels herself weaker and weaker. Holly keeps the cloth until she passes out. Alison wakes up. She is tied and gagged on the floor with duct tape. She tries to scream in MORE INFO
leather gloves and feet 2
Tags: leather gloves, hand over mouth, handgag, chloroform, bondage, shoe smelling, sock smelling, foot smelling



Jamie is bound and gagged on the floor. She is tied up with ropes and gagged with a cleavegag. She struggles and tries to remove ropes from her wrists and legs, in vain. Ashton comes back to home. She just finished her training, so she is sweaty. She takes off her shoes and puts them over Jamie's mouth and nose, keeping them with hands. Jamie is forced to smell the odour. Ashton puts her wet and stinky socks over Jamie's mouth and nose. This is a real humilation for the woman in bondage. Ashton takes off pinky socks too and continues her MORE INFO
feet after the training
Tags: bondage, cleavegagging, shoe smelling, sock smelling, foot smelling, smell fetish, female domination