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Gianluca calls her friend and tells him he is almost dead because two hitwomen in nylon mask tried to kill him. He feels bad and they think he is really dead. His friend decides to send a nurse to visit him.

Nurse Pamela arrives soon and reaches the bedroom. She tells him to turn sideways, so he can't see what she is doing. She puts on a pair of black leather gloves and pantyhose over her head. Then she sits astride over him and puts her gloved hands around his neck.

Gianluca is very scared. He understands she is the same hitwoman MORE INFO

another case of nurse 2



Gaia comes back to the room and don't find her rival. Pamela grabs her from behind and drags her to the couch. She puts an arm around her neck and a hand over her mouth and nose, smothering her. She keeps the grip tight, so Gaia can't escape from her.

After a couple of minutes, Gaia reacts. The two women starts fighting with punches and kicks. Gaia throws Pamela on the floor, sits astride over her chest and strangles and handsmothers her for some minutes. Pamela is stronger than her, so she can lift her body, grabs her from behind again MORE INFO

pamela takes her revenge



Gianluca is napping to a couch. Bianca and Lux come back to home and see him. Bewildered by the intrusion, they decide to give him the right punishment. Lux puts an arm around his neck and Bianca kicks his crotch. He wakes up and begs them to let him go. They don't accept runaround and continue their domination. Bianca puts her arm around his neck and keeps it tight, making a strong sleeperhold grip. He can't resist for long time and faints.

They lift and carry him to a chair, where they tie and gag him. When he wakes up, they MORE INFO

sleeping on their couch 2



Bianca is talking at the phone with Geoffrey, who is Lexia's boyfriend. Lexia comes back to home and understands who is she talking to. Lexia is jealous, so both women start a discussion wich degenerates in a fight. Bianca grabs Lexia from behind and puts an arm around her neck. Then she keeps her quiet with a tight handgag.

Bianca, who is stronger than Lexia, starts a hard domination against her, with a lot of sleeperhold and handsmother. She does it grabbing her from behind, sitting astride on her and putting both large hands over her mouth and nose, or a MORE INFO

boyfriend is mine



Janelle puts on a pair of black leather gloves, pinches the nose of her slave Gianluca and slaps his face, until he wakes up.

She continues the previous hard domination game, putting a gloved hand over his mouth and nose and handsmothering him for long time.

She uses different poses to do it, like a hand over his neck and the other one over his mouth and nose, with a tight sleeperhold grip and with both hands over his mouth and nose.

She throws him on the floor, sits over him and continues handsmothering him for long time. He can only feel the MORE INFO

janelle final game



Gianluca is prisoner in the attic. He wears only underpants. He is hungry and cold.

Janelle arrives to the small room. He begs her to let him go, but she has no mercy and replies she will do it only after a long domination session. He ha the only chance to accept and suffer.

Janelle sits over his face, pushing it with her big ass in pantyhose. She holds his breathe for long time using this erotic and sadistic technique. Sometimes she changes the position and puts her stinky pussy over his mouth and nose, looking at his suffering face and eyes MORE INFO

prisoner of her weight



Gianluca is on the floor, prisoner inside the attic. He is weak.

Janelle pinches his nose and orders him to get up. She puts an arm around his neck, making a strong sleeperhold grip. Then she puts her large hand over his mouth and nose, handsmothering him. She continues this sadistic game for long time and without mercy. She pushes her both hands tight and he gasps for air.

Janelle throws her slave on the floor and throws herself over his body, keeping a full control of him. Now she can hold his breath when she wants. She handsmothers him several times MORE INFO

strong hands of janelle



Ivy sees a man broke into her house. He is napping on her couch. She decides to give him a punishment.

She puts an arm around his neck, making a strong sleeperhold grip. He tries to scream and struggles, but he can't breathe and slowly faints. Ivy drags him on the floor and ties up his wrists.

A long smother domination begins: Ivy keeps the man handgagged with both hands, then she squeezes his neck with the other one. She uses her breasts to smother him, leaving no air under them. She sits with her smelly underpants over his mouth and nose and stays there for several minutes.

The man is forced to stay with mouth MORE INFO

sleeping on her couch 2



The man in balaclava and leather gloves carries Arianna on shoulder and leaves her to the couch. She wakes up and he asks her again what were you doing in his house. She doesn't give him a valid answer, so he takes a stuff and puts it inside her mouth. Then he gags her with duct tape.

The man starts playing with the poor female robber. He handgags, handsmothers and gropes her breasts, while she struggles. He continues this kinky game for several minutes, then he takes a chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth and nose. She makes muffled MORE INFO

tied up gagged and groped



Eva is talking with his boyfriend Gianluca on the couch, when Ivy breaks into the room and points a gun to them. She orders to Gianluca to tie up and gag Eva. Then she does the same thing to him.

Ivy asks to Gianluca where is the bag with money. He doesn't know what she is telling about, so Ivy takes a chloro cloth and puts it over Eva's mouth. She keeps it until the poor woman faints. She won't have mercy until he tell her where is the bag.

Ivy continues playing with Eva, handsmothering and strangling her several times with MORE INFO

a couple in peril