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Eva is a robber who is counting money she stole. A woman in balaclava and full dressed in leather appears behind her, holding a gun. She points the gun to Eva's head and puts a gloved hand over her mouth. The woman thinks money are hers, so she takes a chloro cloth and puts it over Eva's mouth and nose. Eva struggles, but the woman keeps the cloth tight until she passes out.

Eva wakes up and finds herseld tied up and gagged with duct tape. The woman comes back and points the gun to her head again. Then she puts MORE INFO

money is mine 2



Sonya, the female bully, tries to convince her teacher to give her better marks. He refuses, because he can't lost his work.

Sonya puts her gloved hands around his neck and squeezes it tight. She has no mercy, because she is determined to get what she wants. She strangles his teacher for long time, but he doesn't give up.

After several minutes of strangulation action, Sonya takes a plastic bag and puts it over his head. She keeps it with a gloved hand around his neck, to be sure he can't breathe under it. While he is short of air, she interrogates MORE INFO

female bully has no mercy



Cali breaks into an apartment, wearing a full leather outfit, black leather driving gloves and holding a gun. She searches valuables inside a drawer, but Nikki appears behind her. She puts an arm around her neck and a hand over her mouth. Cali struggles and makes muffled screams. Nikki pinches her nose and pushes the hand tight, so Cali can't breath. Nikki continues for long time until she passes out.

Nikki calls for help, but she immediately changes idea. She fondles the limp body of Cali and found a chloro cloth inside the pocket of the leather jacket. She puts on MORE INFO

unlucky robber



Valentina is reading a magazine. A misterious woman in leather jacket, pantyhose, balaclava and leather gloves, appears behind her and points a gun to her head. Valentina is scared and the woman pushes her to the wall and puts a gloved hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. At the same time, she fondles her body with the gun.

The woman orders to Valentina to strip herself. Valentina is forced to do it and remains in underwear and stockings. The woman grabs her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth. Valentina struggles and makes muffled screams, but MORE INFO

maniac woman



Vonka wakes up and finds a pair of black leather gloves and pantyhose on the chair. She puts on them, then she opens a drawer and takes a bottle and a cloth. She pours the chloroform on the cloth, then she sits down over Cali's chest. Cali wakes up and she puts a gloved hand over her mouth, to keep her quiet. Then she puts the cloth over her mouth. Cali struggles and tries to escape, but the substance takes effect and she faints.

Vonka fondles the limp body of Cali and smells her bare stinky feet. Cali wakes up and MORE INFO

perverse dream



This video shows four different actions, where Sonya attacks Meryl from behind and knocks out her. Both women wear a black catsuit, black leather boots and black leather gloves.

In the first, Sonya fondles Meryl's body, then she surprises her with a gloved hand around her neck. She keeps it tight for several minutes and we can see Meryl suffering a lot, before passing out.

The second action is similar to the first one, but in this case Sonya ties a rope around Meryl's neck and pulls it. She continues her kinky game for 4 minutes, until Meryl faints.

In the third, Sonya MORE INFO

dejavu 2



Mistress Janelle puts on a pair of black leather gloves and continues her domination game against her poor slave Bettie.

She holds her breath with several handsmother action. Then she puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and waits until she passes out. She plays with her limp body, fondling it and squeezing her breasts.

When Bettie wakes up, Janelle takes a rope and puts it around her neck, strangling her. Then she continues handsmothering her and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth another time and waits until she faints.

Janelle takes a plastic bag and puts it over Bettie's head. Then MORE INFO

cruel mistress final game



Luna goes to the home of her ex boyfriend and tells she still loves him. The man has another girlfriend now, so this makes her angry. She takes a chloro cloth and puts it over his mouth. The man struggles, but she keeps the cloth with both gloved hands and waits until he passes out.

The man is tied to the chair with handcuffs. Luna takes off her leather boots and puts her bare stinky feet over his face, so he wakes up. After the second discussion, Luna decides to play with him, handgagging and handsmothering him several times.

Luna takes his MORE INFO

jealousy 2



Luna breaks into a house holding a nylon bag. She reaches the bedroom, where Stella is sleeping.

Luna slowly walks toward her and puts the bag over her head. Stella wakes up and understands she has a nylon bag over her head and she can't breathe.

Luna has no mercy and pulls the bag, keeping it tight. Stella struggles and tries to remove it. We can see her suffering face, until the end.

Luna leaves the limp body of Stella on the bed and goes away.

a bag for her
Keywords: bagging  breath play  suffocation  



A woman in balaclava and leather catsuit breaks into a bedroom, holding a gun. Constance comes back to it, takes off her shoes and shows her white socks. The woman appears behind her with a pair of driving leather gloves on, points the gun over her head and keeps her handgagged.

The masked woman tells to Constance to strips herself and she is forced to do it. She points the gun to her head again and squeezes her breasts with a gloved hand. Then she takes a chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth. Constance struggles, but she has the MORE INFO

perversion 5