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Lilian is not tired to dominate Eva, so she continues doing it and changes method.

She puts her stinky feet in pantyhose over her mouth and nose, forcing her to smell them. She pushes them tight, so Eva must feel the deep odour of soles, toes and pantyhose.

Lilian keeps her feet over Eva's mouth and nose for long time. Sometimes she shows a close up of veiled soles and changes positions.

power of lilian feet



Gianluca comes back to home. Lilian, the possessed woman who previously broke into Eva's house and smothered her, now decides to play with him. She grabs him from behind and puts a chloro cloth over his mouth and nose. He struggles and fight against her, but the possession makes her stronger, so she keeps the cloth until he faints.

Lilian ties up the poor man on the chair. When he wakes up, she keeps him quiet by putting her gloved hand over his mouth. She has fun to see him trying to talk under the leather gloves, so she makes the MORE INFO

damned woman attacks again



Lilian is a woman possessed by an unknown fetishist demonic entity, who breaks into houses and plays with their roomers.

She is inside Eva's bedroom and wears black leather gloves and black leather boots. She puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Eva struggles and tries to escape, but she keeps the cloth tight until she passes out.

Now Lilian can play with her and starts handsmothering her with leather gloves on. She uses different positions and fights against her. She always has the upper hand, because Eva is weak, after she chloroformed her. She puts a gloved hand over MORE INFO

damned woman



Carmen is very angry because Angel tried to steal her boyfriend. She decides to make a revenge against her. She surprises her with a chloro cloth while she is smoking a cigarette on the terrace. She drags her inside the apartment and keeps closed her mouth with chloro cloth for several time, until Angel passes out.

The jealous girlfriend ties the poor victim on the couch and closes her mouth with a ballgag. She takes a pair of black leather gloves and puts them. She has fun to pinch Angel's nose and sees her short of air.

Carmen removes the ballgag, but MORE INFO

jealous brunette