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Bianca and Giorgia are on the bed. Bianca wants to demonstrate to her friend how much strong she is, so she starts dominating her with her favourite smothering techniques: hand over mouth and strangulation.

Bianca starts handsmothering Giorgia, putting a hand over her mouth and nose from behind. Then she throws her to the bed, sits astride her and squeezes her neck tight with both hands.

Bianca has fun to play this kinky games, so she continues using different positions, like sleeperhold grips, pushing her to the cupboard and putting a hand over her mouth and nose and strangling her at the MORE INFO

bianca hom supremacy 2



Ivy opens the door and Eva pushes her to the wall, fondling her face. Ivy tries to escape, but Eva grabs her from behind and puts a hand over her mouth. Ivy struggles and Eva handsmothers her tight for long time. Then she throws her on the floor and the cat fight begins.

She holds her legs with a hands, then she smothers her with the other one. She dominates her with a camel clutch, pushing her neck with feet, an arm bar with legs over her face and a tight facesitting domination. Near the end she uses a strong scissorhold MORE INFO

fight hom submission