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Eva is a thief in full leather outfit who is searching documents on a table. Bianca, another thief in full leather outfit, grabs her from behind and puts a gloved hand over her mouth and nose. Eva struggles and makes muffled screams for a couple of minutes, when she reacts with an elbow hit and attacks Bianca with a strong sleeperhold grip. She puts a gloved hand over her mouth too.

Eva throws Bianca to the floor and sits over her chest. She squeezes her neck with gloved hands and sometimes she keeps her handgagged. She continues the strangulation domination for MORE INFO

rival thieves 2



Janelle has just been captured by a man in balaclava and leather gloves, who drags her in the living room, keeping her handgagged and groping her big breasts. The man wants to see Janelle who fingers her pussy, so he takes off her pants. She doesn't want, so he holds her breath with a tight handsmother grip. She changes idea.

The man keeps Janelle handgagged and gropes her breasts, while he sees her who masturbates herself with her long fingers. Sometimes he handsmothers and squeezes her neck with gloved hands.

The man takes off his pants and forces Janelle to give him MORE INFO

the intruder



Luisa is a doctor who is working in her studio. Because of the Covid 19 pandemic, she must wear surgical mask and nitrile gloves.

Patient Ale enters in the studio, without gloves and mask. She reproaches him for this and decides to give him a hard lesson.

She ties up him to the chair with ropes and takes off his pants. She keeps him handgagged with her gloves on and at the same time she starts giving him a handjob. She continues this pleasant and sadistic game for several minutes. Sometimes she pinches his nose too, handsmothering him. She handsmothers him with MORE INFO

lesson against covid



Bianca breaks into an apartment with leather jacket and leather gloves on. She searches everywhere, because she needs a secret document.

Ivy comes back and Bianca grabs her from behind, putting a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Ivy struggles, but Bianca keeps the cloth until she passes out.

Bianca searches everywhere again, but she doesn't find anything. Ivy wakes up, so Bianca interrogates her about the secret document. She doesn't know where it is, so she handsmothers and puts to sleep with chloroform again.

Ivy wakes up, takes off her shoes and slowly walks toward Bianca. She grabs her from behind MORE INFO

rival spies



Eva goes to Stella's studio. She is looking for a document of Mr. Bianchi. While Stella is searching in the archive, Eva puts on a pair of black leather gloves. Then she takes the chloroform and pours it on a cloth. When Stella comes back, she tells she didn't find the document. She notices Eva in black leather gloves holding a cloth and tries to go away. Eva grabs her from behind and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. She keeps it until Stella faints.

Stella is tied up on the chair. Eva pinches her nose and she MORE INFO

stealing informations 3



Nira and Regina are two robbers who are looking for an important document. They work for different bosses. Nira notices Regina is searching it inside the house, so she decides to knock her out. She grabs her from behind, putting a chloro cloth with her gloved hands over Regina's mouth and nose. She keeps it until the rival robber passes out.

Nira starts searching among the archives. Regina wakes up and takes the cloth. She chloroforms Nira. She forces her to smell the substance, waiting until she faints.

Regina puts Nira into bondage. She ties up and gags her. Regina is more MORE INFO

stealing informations 2



Eleonore is compiling some documents. Ammalia, a masked thief with a nylon stocking over her head, black leather pants and black leather gloves, appears behind her. She holds a chloro cloth and puts it over Eleonore's mouth and nose. Eleonore struggles and tries to escape from thief, but this one throws her to the ground, keeping the cloth over her mouth with gloved hand. The chloroform takes effect and Eleonore passes out.

Ammalia starts searching inside the drawers, but she doesn't find valuable objects. She hears Eleonore, who is waking up, so she comes back to her and puts the chloro MORE INFO

merciless thief



Dena is a secretary who is working on her pc. Villainess Ivy needs some secret informations from Dena's company, so she breaks into the room dressed in black, with leather pants, leather gloves and a stocking mask.

Ivy surprises Dena, covering her mouth and nose with a chloroform cloth. Dena is forced to breath the intense vapours for long time. She passes out.

Dena is tied, gagged and blindfolded on the chair. Ivy wants to give her a domination lesson. She fondles and tickles her. Now Ivy wants the informations, so she remove the gag and blindfold. Dena refuses collaborating with her.


worker in bondage