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Arianna is naked and tied up with duct tape on the couch. The man in balaclava and leather gloves takes her bare feet and starts tickling them. Arianna laughs so loud, because she is ticklish. Sometimes the man keeps her handgagged, to stop her from screaming. Sometimes he gropes her breasts and pinches her nipples.

Near the end of clip, the man puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. He keeps it until she passes out. Finally he leaves her on the couch.

tied up and tickled



Susy Blue is tied up and stripped on the chair. Maggie comes back, unties her legs and puts them over a second chair. Now she can play with her bare feet, tickling them with surgical gloves on. Susy can't resists and laughs so loud. Maggie has fun to play this game and continues without mercy.

gloves on soles



Mistress Scarlet brings her new female slave Liz to the bedroom with a collar leash. She takes off her leather boots and orders to Liz to take off the shoes.

Scarlet starts tickling Liz's feet in pantyhose with fingers. Liz laughs so loud and Scarlet continues without Mercy. At the same time, she puts her stinky feet in pantyhose over her mouth and nose, forcing her to smell them.

Foot smelling and tickling domination continues for several minutes. Near the end, Scarlet pushes her feet tight, so Liz can't breathe under them. She continues until she passes out.

scarlet feet lesson


Suffering and smelling

Mistress Bianca leads her female slave Stella on the rooms and orders her to lie down on the carpet.

She fondles her bare feet with a whip, then she starts tickling them with fingers. Stella can't resists, so she laughs so loud. Bianca puts a stinky foot in pantyhose over her mouth and nose, because she can't stand her laugh. Stella is forced to smell it.

After several minutes of tickling and foot smelling domination, Bianca puts her both large feet over Stella's mouth and nose. Stella can't breathe under them and Bianca keeps them tight until she faints.

suffering and smelling



Jordan is in the bedroom and Ela reaches her, holding a chloro cloth. She puts it over her mouth and nose and keeps it tight. Jordan struggles and tries to scream, but Ela has no mercy and she passes out.

Ela ties up Jordan with handcuffs. Both women wear only a pair of pantyhose. When Jordan wakes up, Ela puts her stinky feet over her face, forcing her to smell them, then she tickles her feet. Jordan is ticklish, but she is not able to laugh, because Ela at the same time gags her with pantyhosed stinky feet.

After a long foot MORE INFO

smelling and tickling



Tilly confesses to Cali she likes smelling feet of other women. Cali likes kinky games too, so she puts hers over Tilly's face. Tilly tells her the feet and pantyhose are very stinky, so Cali keeps the toes over her nose.

Cali likes this game, but she wants tying and tickling Tilly too. She puts on a pair of red leather gloves and takes a chloro cloth, then she puts it over Tilly's mouth and nose. Tilly makes muffled screams and Cali keeps it until she faints.

Tilly wakes up tied up, with the nylon foot of Cali over her nose. She MORE INFO

red gloves on soles



Kelevra is tied up with handcuffs and shows her bare feet. Valerie is wearing a pair of black leather gloves. She starts tickling Kelevra's feet, who can't stand it and laughs so loud. Valerie continues tickling her for several minutes. Sometimes she handgags her, because she doesn't like hearing her screams.

Valerie stops her game and puts a chloro cloth over Kelevra's mouth and nose, who is forced to smell the substance. She passes out after one minute.

In the second part of clip, the roles are reversed. Now Valerie is tied up, showing her bare feet and Kelevra tickles her. She MORE INFO

gloves on feet



A woman in leather catsuit, black leather gloves and pantyhose mask breaks into Jacquelyn's apartment, while she is sleeping on the couch. The woman pours the chloroform on a cloth and puts it over Jacquelyn's mouth and nose. Jacquelyn wakes up and struggles, but she passes out because the substance takes its effect.

The woman ties up Jacquelyn with ropes and takes off her high heels shoes. She explains to her she likes tickling feet of every female victims. She starts tickling feet of Jacquelyn, wich are covered by a pair of nylon stockings. She continues doing it, sometimes keeping her MORE INFO

leather gloves on soles 2



A woman breaks into Sinn's apartment. She is full dressed in black. She has a catsuit, leather gloves and a nylon stocking mask. She is searching for valuables, when Sinn comes back.

Sinn enters in the room. The woman surprises her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Sinn is forced to breath the substance and faints.

Sinn wakes up and finds herself tied up to the couch. The woman fondles her body, then she takes off her shoes and starts tickling her feet, covered with a pair of nylon stockings. Sometimes the woman keeps Sinn handgagged, MORE INFO

leather gloves on soles



Lea is a robber who breaks into Cali's home. She is searching for valuables, when Cali comes back to home. Lea takes a chloro cloth, grabs Cali from behind and puts it over her mouth and nose. Cali struggles and tries to remove the cloth. Lea keeps it tight, so Cali is forced to inhale the substance and slowly passes out.

When Cali wakes up, she finds herself tied up to the chair. Lea explains she likes so much tickling feet of her female victim, so she takes off Cali's shoes and starts tickling her feet, covered with pantyhose. Cali can't MORE INFO

hands on soles