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Janelle breaks into Sabrina's home, wearing black leather pants, black leather boots and black leather gloves. Sabrina has just gone out from the bathroom and she grabs her from behind, putting a gloved hand over her mouth and nose.

Janelle orders to Sabrina to masturbate herself. If she doesn't do it, she will suffocate her. Sabrina puts her fingers inside her pussy, while Janelle keeps her handgagged and gropes her breasts. This game continues for some minutes, when Janelle puts a chloro cloth over Sabrina's mouth and nose. Sabrina struggles and keeps her eyes wide open, but Janelle keeps the cloth MORE INFO

caught by the panther



Lilian is a woman possessed by an unknown fetishist demonic entity, who breaks into houses and plays with their roomers.

She is inside Eva's bedroom and wears black leather gloves and black leather boots. She puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Eva struggles and tries to escape, but she keeps the cloth tight until she passes out.

Now Lilian can play with her and starts handsmothering her with leather gloves on. She uses different positions and fights against her. She always has the upper hand, because Eva is weak, after she chloroformed her. She puts a gloved hand over MORE INFO

damned woman



Janelle takes off her leather boots and sits over the chest of her slave Gianluca. She shows a close up of her large stinky feet in pantyhose and puts them over his mouth and nose, forcing him to smell them.

She has no mercy and pushes them tight, ordering him to sniff deeply. Sometimes she squeezes his nipples and grabs his crotch, to feel if he is excited.

She continues the foot smelling domination for several minutes. She likes so much this game and seeing his poor slave at her mercy.

odour in the attic



Lilian is a mobster in leather gloves and leather boots who breaks into a house holding a gun. Janelle, another mobster in leather outfit, grabs her from behind and keeps her handgagged. Then she puts a chloro cloth over her mouth. Lilian struggles, but the substance takes effect and she passes out. Janelle takes off her boots and fondles her body. Then she sees the gun and takes it.

Lilian quickly wakes up, grabs Janelle from behind and keeps her handgagged, before she points the gun to her. She keeps the gloved hand tight, so Janelle can't breathe under it. Then MORE INFO

rival mobsters 3



Janelle is reading a message from her boss, when Rachel attacks her from behind. They start fighting, but Janelle is the stronger and throws Rachel on the floor. The she overpowers her, sitting over her chest and holding her arms with legs.

Janelle starts her favourite game, who always uses against her enemies. She sits over Rachel's face, smothering her with the ass. She covers the whole face with it, so Rachel can't breathe.

Sometimes Rachel gets up and tries to fight back, but Janelle everytime throws her on the floor and continues the hard facesitting smother, changing her poses. She uses MORE INFO

ass is her favourite weapon



Rachel is a cia agent, full dressed in leather with jacket, pants, boots and gloves. She tied up and gagged Janelle for interrogation.

She starts talking to the prisoner, but Janelle, who is Italian and doesn't understand what she tells, tries to say something in her language under the tape.

Rachel removes the tape from her mouth and asks her some questions, putting the gun inside her mouth. She understands she captured the wrong person and calls her boss, who replies she has to kill the prisoner anyway.

In the meantime, Janelle frees herself and hits Rachel's on her stomach with a punch. MORE INFO

cia agent mistake



Rachel and Janelle are tied up and gagged on chairs. Lilian, a woman in leather boots and leather gloves explains them she is a female zombie warrior. Her husband Gianluca killed her and she came back for revenge. She needs the help of other two female zombie warriors and she just found them.

Lilian starts her sadistic game. She strangles Rachel with both gloved hands, pushing them tight. She has fun to see the suffering face of her victim and continues for several minutes. Then she grabs Janelle from behind with a strong sleeperhold grip. Janelle keeps her eyes wide open, MORE INFO

female warrior got them



A woman in black leather boots and black leather gloves appears and slowly walks toward the camera.

Rachel arrives in the room and looks around. The woman grabs her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. She struggles and tries to scream, but the woman keeps the cloth tight until she faints.

Janelle arrives in the room and tries to call Rachel. The woman grabs her too and keeps the cloth over her mouth and nose. She tries to scream, before passing out.

Rachel and Janelle are tied up and gagged on chairs. The woman is Lilian, who MORE INFO

black female warrior



Hitwoman Keri, holding a gun, breaks into the house of her next victim: Hannah. She finds a pair of long black leather gloves on the bed and puts on them. She hears some noises. Hannah is coming back.

When Hannah enters in the kitchen, Keri surprises her from behind, pointing the gun to her head and keeping her handgagged. After a minute, someone knocks at the door. Hannah tries to call for help, but Keri holds her breath with a tight handsmother grip. Keri keeps her gloved hands over her mouth and nose until she passes out. She lifts and carries MORE INFO

a crime in gloves (extended version)



Susy is fully stripped, tied up and gagged. She struggles and tries to scream.

Maggie comes back, sits down in front of her and takes off her short leather boots. She starts fondling her body with both feet in stockings, masturbating her pussy with toes.

Maggie puts her stinky feet over Susy's nose, forcing her to smell them. Susy can only sniff a mix of wet pussy, stocking and cheesy foot odours.

pantyhose job smelling