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Gisy is talking at the phone with her boyfriend. She doesn't notice a female intruder behind her keeping a rag.

When Gisy relaxes on the bed, thief jumps over her, covering mouth and nose with satin gloved hands and the rag. Her purpose is knocking out Gisy and find money in the house.

Female thief continues to handsmother Gisy, making her unconscious. Now she can steal every valuables.

She searches in the dresser and opens all the drawers located in the house. She found a billfold.

Meantime Gisy is waking up. She remembers a gloved woman knocked out her. She pulls out a pair MORE INFO

glove handgag fight



Cherie Deville is a Jamie Daniels' employee. She has a little divergence with her employer, because Jamie doesn't give her a conspicuous salary.

One day, she notices Jamie leaving her bag on the table. She thinks that is the right moment to act. With a pair of black leather gloves on, she moves slowly toward the bag and tries to steal money.

It hasn't been a good idea. Jamie discovers and orders her to go away. Cherie is still angry with her, so she catches Jamie and uses her leather gloved hands to handgag her employer.


cherie the robber



Sexy model Ashley Edmomds is a robber who has to steal some important papers from her rival company.

She is searching them on a desk, when secretary Esmi Lee discovers her. "What are you doing here?" She said.

Ashley is a great domina too. She has no chance to fight against Esmi, keeping her quiet. She catches her from behind and drags her on the chair. She wants try the power of new fingerless leather gloves, so she handgags Esmi, pressing her hand firmly.

Five minutes of ceaseless gloved hand over mouth scenes. Ashley knocks out MORE INFO

robber in the house



Jamie is reading a letter on the couch. Intruder Alisa is dressed with a black corset, a pair of stocking, black heeled shoes and black leather gloves.

"Who are you?" Jamie says when she discovers Alisa in the living room. The blonde domina doesn't answer. She grabs her, making her quiet with gloved handgag and sleeperhold arm.

Alisa keeps Jamie under her control for several minutes, listening muffled screams of her victim under the gloved hand.

The female intruder removes her hand from Jamie's mouth and pulls out a chloroform rag. "What are you do..." Jamie MORE INFO

gloves and feet surprise



Sarah is reading a magazine with her long black leather gloves on. Mistress Rachel wants to dominate her, so she decide to achieve her wish.

She starts with a chloro cloth over Sarah's face. She is very excited to do so, hearing the muffled screams under the cloth and red leather gloved hands.

A lot of handsmother and chloroform knock out until the end of clip. Last time Rachel handsmothers Sarah until she dies.

the red mistress



Cute model Rachel is the new domina of this thrilling video clip. She enters in the Sarah's room, greeting her. She tells her that she brought a gift for both. Sarah is very pry, so she waits until Rachel opens the handbag. She pulls out two pair of leather gloves. She gives the black long pair to Sarah and she keeps for herself the short red pair. Girls are very enthusiast to wear elegant pairs of leather gloves. Unfortunately, Sarah doesn't understand that Rachel made a trap for her. She surprises the poor girl from behind, handgagging her with red MORE INFO
a glovely gift



Mistresses Nancy and Laurie try a new method to smother the slave Sarah.

Laurie puts her bare hands over Sarah's mouth and nose, to prevent her for breath. Nancy follow her, putting leather gloved hands over Laurie's bare hands, to make a more intense suffocation.

They keep hands until Sarah passes out.

Nancy is very jealous. She doesn't want any mistress like her, so she surprise Laurie, handsmothering her with black leather gloves.

four hands to smother



Laurie and Sarah are browsing the pages of photo album on the bed.

The bell rings. Sarah goes downstairs to open the door. She can't think that a hitwoman is waiting for her next victims.

Sarah has no time to scream, because Nancy points gun and handgag her with black leather gloves. They come back to the bedroom.

Leather hitwoman declares that Sarah and Laurie are two hostages. She throws them a pair of handcuffs and orders Laurie to tie Sarah with them.

Laurie must smother Sarah with her hands, or woman will shoot them. MORE INFO

hostages in peril



Cute model Laurie is a hitwoman who must eliminate her target. She opens the main door and enters in her next victim house.

She has a pair of short black leather gloves, because she can't leave fingerprints anywhere. She start to walk slowly towards the designated victim.

At the same time Sarah, the tenant girl, is putting on her white sandals. She gets up from the couch and go near the round table, to drink a sip of water from the plastic bottle.

Laurie is very noiseless and fast, so she spends few time to reach MORE INFO

last minutes



Cute model Jenna is looking herself in the mirror. She is doing make up.

Unknown hands covered with a pair of black leather gloves appear in the scene.

The misterious intruder opens a bottle of chloroform and pours a large amount of liquid on the rag.

He is behind Jenna. He is feeling the sensual desire to play with her nice victim.

Model Jenna notices someone behind her, but it's too late.

The intruder is a leather hooded man who catches and shoves her to the wall.

She has no time to scream, MORE INFO

jenna breath under the cloth