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Sabrina is naked on the floor. The black panther Janelle takes off her shoes and puts her bare stinky feet over her mouth and nose, forcing her to smell them.

Sabrina is only a slut, so she must do what Janelle wants. She smells and licks the large black feet, moving the tongue slowly between soles and toes. Janelle is a strict mistress, so she pushes her feet tight over the face of her slut. Sometimes she masturbates her with toes and fingers her clitoris with gloved hands.

Janelle continues this game for several minutes. Sabrina is powerless and only licks the MORE INFO

black feet of the panther



Maggie wakes up on the couch. She is naked. Janelle grabs her from behind, puts a hand over her mouth and gropes her breasts. Maggie reveals to her friend she liked so much the previous sadistic games she made to her. If she repeats them again, she will have a good reason to stay with her.

Janelle keeps Maggie handgagged and puts the other hand over her pussy. Keeping her quiet, she fastly fingers her pussy and continue the lesbian game for several minutes. Sometimes she holds her breath with tight handsmothers actions, turning her on even more. Maggie makes several MORE INFO

lesbian game of jealousy



Janelle has just been captured by a man in balaclava and leather gloves, who drags her in the living room, keeping her handgagged and groping her big breasts. The man wants to see Janelle who fingers her pussy, so he takes off her pants. She doesn't want, so he holds her breath with a tight handsmother grip. She changes idea.

The man keeps Janelle handgagged and gropes her breasts, while he sees her who masturbates herself with her long fingers. Sometimes he handsmothers and squeezes her neck with gloved hands.

The man takes off his pants and forces Janelle to give him MORE INFO

the intruder



Sabrina wakes up and tries to leave the room, but she is weak. Janelle easily grabs her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. She struggles and makes muffled screams, before passing out.

Janelle puts on a strap-on and puts it inside Sabrina's mouth, forcing her to blowjob it. She pinches her nose with a gloved hand too, smothering her. She orders her to fingering herself and keeps her quiet with a gloved hand over her mouth. Sometimes she handsmothers her, to make the game more funny.

After several minutes of handgag + masturbation, Sabrina doesn't squirt MORE INFO

fucked by the panther



Olga is on the armchair. She fingers her pussy and fucks it with a dildo.

Valentina comes back, puts on the strapon and starts fucking Olga with it. Sometimes, she keeps her handgagged holding her breath too, to prevent her from screaming. She continues this game for several minutes.

Olga makes some blowjobs on the wet strapon, then Valentina puts it inside her pussy from behind and fucks her with a doggy style.

Valentina continues fucking Olga and puts a hand over her mouth and nose, keeping it tight. Olga takes delight, but can't breathe under the handsmother grip of Valentina, who keeps MORE INFO

fucked and smothered



Valentina puts her bare feet over Olga's pussy and starts masturbating her. She continues this game for some minutes, then she puts her wet toes over her mouth and nose. Olga have to smell a mix of pussy juice and stinky feet.

Sometimes Valentina shows a close up of her soles. Olga takes delight because she likes so much this game.

foot job smelling



Janelle is sleeping on the bed. Lilyan takes off her underwear, leaving her naked. She plays with the limp body, groping her big breasts and fingering her pussy.

Janelle slowly wakes up. Lilyan pushes her pantyhose ass over her face, smothering her. At the same time she has fun to masturbate her.

The kinky game of Lilyan continues for several minutes. She has no mercy and forces Janelle to smell the fragrance of pantyhose ass and be smothered by it. Anyway, she take delight until the end with Lilyan's fingers inside her pussy.

take delight under the ass



Lilyan is sleeping on the floor. Janelle puts on a pair of black leather gloves and starts playing with her limp body. She smells and licks her bare stinky feet.

Lilyan wakes up. She is still weak, so Janelle can easily grab her from behind, keeping her handgagged. Lilyan struggles and starts fingering her pussy. She is scared, but at the same time she finds very attractive being dominated by a gloved and strong woman.

Janelle continues handgagging and handsmothering Lilyan for several minutes. At the same time, she gropes her breasts and squeezes her nipples.

Janelle takes a chloro cloth and puts MORE INFO

gloved revenge



Janelle wakes up on the couch. She is still weak and slowly puts on her underwear. Then she leaves the room.

Lilyan comes back and sees Janelle is not there anymore. She takes a look around her, but Janelle grabs her from behind and puts a hand over her mouth. Lilyan struggles and makes muffled screams and Janelle, now in pantyhose, drags her to the couch, keeping her handgagged.

Janelle starts a long hand over mouth domination. Sometimes, she handsmothers Lilyan, pinching her nose too. She takes off her bra and pours the oil on her breasts, then she massages them and MORE INFO

lesbian revenge of janelle



Lilyan attacks Janelle from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Janelle struggles and makes muffled screams, before passing out.

Lilyan takes off Janelle's underwear while she is sleeping and starts playing with her limp body, groping her breasts and fingering her pussy.

Janelle wakes up. She is weak and slowly gets up. Lilyan grabs her from behind and puts a hand over her mouth. While she keeps her handgagged, she continues masturbating her. Sometimes she holds her breath with a tight handsmother grip, to make her more excited.

After a long hand over mouth lesbian domination, Lilyan takes MORE INFO

a lesbian affair 5