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A woman in black leather boots and black leather gloves appears and slowly walks toward the camera.

Rachel arrives in the room and looks around. The woman grabs her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. She struggles and tries to scream, but the woman keeps the cloth tight until she faints.

Janelle arrives in the room and tries to call Rachel. The woman grabs her too and keeps the cloth over her mouth and nose. She tries to scream, before passing out.

Rachel and Janelle are tied up and gagged on chairs. The woman is Lilian, who explains them she is a female zombie warrior dressed in black. Her husband Gianluca killed her and she came back for revenge. She needs the help of other two female zombie warriors and she just found them.

Lilian starts her sadistic game. She handsmothers Janelle with her gloved hands, then she does the same thing to Rachel. She continues smothering both women, using different poses and sleeperhold technique too. She continues for several minutes, causing the faint of both women.

Lilian decides to finish the game. She puts a plastic bag over Rachel's head. Then she ties it with rope, to be sure she can't breathe. Rachel struggles and she has fun to see the poor woman gasping for air. She keeps the bag until her end. Then she does the same thing to Janelle without mercy.

Models: Lilian, Janelle, Rachel Adams
Time 24:34
Size 909 MB
Format WMV (Windows Media Video)
Price $18.99