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The Italian teacher is tied up with tape on the chair. Domini and Juliette are two of his students who captured him because they want better marks from him.

He doesn't give in to the blackmail, so Juliette holds his breath with both hands over her mouth and nose, while Domini heats him to the stomach and legs. They continues for some minutes, then they change the role. Domini handsmothers the poor teacher, while Juliette beats him. Then they put their stinky feet in pantyhose over his nose, forcing him to smell them.

He has a strong personality and he doesn't fear these silly games. The students untie and throw him to the floor, sitting over his face and chest. The teacher can't breathe under their ass and they have no mercy.

Domini and Juliette tie up him again. He doesn't give better marks to two mediocre students, so they put their hands over his mouth and nose. He is smothered by four hands.

The students aren't pleased, so Domini takes a plastic bag and puts it over the head of the teacher. He has no air under it. Domini pulls it and looks at the suffering face of his poor teacher. She continues until the end.

Models: Domini, Juliette
Time 16:43
Size 617 MB
Format WMV (Windows Media Video)
Price $14.99