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Bianca is talking at the phone with Geoffrey, who is Lexia's boyfriend. Lexia comes back to home and understands who is she talking to. Lexia is jealous, so both women start a discussion wich degenerates in a fight. Bianca grabs Lexia from behind and puts an arm around her neck. Then she keeps her quiet with a tight handgag.

Bianca, who is stronger than Lexia, starts a hard domination against her, with a lot of sleeperhold and handsmother. She does it grabbing her from behind, sitting astride on her and putting both large hands over her mouth and nose, or a hand over her mouth and nose and the other one over her neck.

After a hard handsmother and sleeperhold domination, Bianca takes a plastic bag and puts it over Lexia's head. She holds it around her neck and pulls it, to be sure the poor victim can't breathe. She continues without mercy until her end.

Models: Bianca, Lexia
Time 22:36
Size 1659 MB
Format WMV (Windows Media Video)
Price $18.99