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A woman in balaclava and leather catsuit breaks into a bedroom, holding a gun. Constance comes back to it, takes off her shoes and shows her white socks. The woman appears behind her with a pair of driving leather gloves on, points the gun over her head and keeps her handgagged.

The masked woman tells to Constance to strips herself and she is forced to do it. She points the gun to her head again and squeezes her breasts with a gloved hand. Then she takes a chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth. Constance struggles, but she has the only chance to breath the substance and passes out.

The woman fondles the limp body of Constance, until she wakes up. Then she puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and waits until she passes out again.

The misterious woman plays with limp body of Constance. When she tries to escape from the bedroom, the woman keeps her handgagged and puts her to sleep with chloroform for the third time. When Constance wakes up, the woman takes a plastic bag and sits down over her chest. Then she puts the bag over her head. Tracy wakes up and the woman puts the bag over her head. She keeps it tight, to be sure Constance can't breathe under it.

The breath play action continues until the end of Tracy. The woman leaves the room and her limp body.

Models: Jamie Daniels, Constance
Time 15:48
Size 583 MB
Format WMV (Windows Media Video)
Price $13.99