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Lexia is tied up on the floor with tape. Bianca, the agent of a rival company, just captured her. She did the same thing with Ivy, her previous victim.

Bianca now wants a code form Lexia and she is willing to do everything just to get it. She finds so funny to sit over the face of her victims, smothering them with her heavy body. She closes Lexia's mouth and nose with the pussy under pants, so she can't breathe. Lexia tries to say something, but she only makes muffled screams.

Bianca continues smothering her, using her ass too. At the same time, she waits over her face and reads the newspaper. Although the agent is smothering her hard and she repeatedly gasps for air, Lexia doesn't give up and doesn't reveal the code.

After several facesitting smother, Lexia surrenders and tells to Bianca the code. Bianca has no mercy and decides to smother her anyway, so she sits over her face with the ass, squeezing it. She keeps the position for the last minutes of the clip and waits the end. 

Models: Bianca, Lexia
Time 22:20
Size 1638 MB
Format WMV (Windows Media Video)
Price $18.99