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Eva is a thief in full leather outfit who is searching documents on a table. Bianca, another thief in full leather outfit, grabs her from behind and puts a gloved hand over her mouth and nose. Eva struggles and makes muffled screams for a couple of minutes, when she reacts with an elbow hit and attacks Bianca with a strong sleeperhold grip. She puts a gloved hand over her mouth too.

Eva throws Bianca to the floor and sits over her chest. She squeezes her neck with gloved hands and sometimes she keeps her handgagged. She continues the strangulation domination for MORE INFO

rival thieves 2



Lilian is not tired to dominate Eva, so she continues doing it and changes method.

She puts her stinky feet in pantyhose over her mouth and nose, forcing her to smell them. She pushes them tight, so Eva must feel the deep odour of soles, toes and pantyhose.

Lilian keeps her feet over Eva's mouth and nose for long time. Sometimes she shows a close up of veiled soles and changes positions.

power of lilian feet



Lilian and Eva are fighting in the bedroom. Eva is weak and Lilian is a very strong woman, so she can easily take control and dominate her rival.

Lilian puts her both legs in pantyhose around Eva's neck, squeezing it and making a hard scissorhold grip. She keeps them tight, so Eva moans and tries to remove them, in vain. Lilian continues the action for several minutes, having fun to see her poor rival unable to react.

Lilian changes technique and pushes Eva's face with her ass. Eva can't breathe under it and she continues her full weight facesitting domination without mercy. MORE INFO

power of ass and legs



Lilian is a woman possessed by an unknown fetishist demonic entity, who breaks into houses and plays with their roomers.

She is inside Eva's bedroom and wears black leather gloves and black leather boots. She puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Eva struggles and tries to escape, but she keeps the cloth tight until she passes out.

Now Lilian can play with her and starts handsmothering her with leather gloves on. She uses different positions and fights against her. She always has the upper hand, because Eva is weak, after she chloroformed her. She puts a gloved hand over MORE INFO

damned woman



Juliette is sleeping on the bed. Eva opens the door and slowly walks towards her. She pulls out a clear plastic bag and puts it over Juliette's head. Juliette wakes up ans starts struggling. Eva pulls the bag and keeps it tight, holding her breath.

After a couple of minutes, Eva removes the bag and pushes a pillow over her victim head. She keeps it tight with the hands, to be sure Juliette can't breathe. Juliette kicks her legs and tries to free herself, but Eva is too strong and keeps the pillow until her end.

hitwoman bag and pillow



Eva and Gianluca are tied up and gagged. Robber Ivy has just stolen money to Gianluca and she is leaving the house, when she changes idea and decides to have more fun with them.

She puts her stinky feet in pantyhose over their faces. The poor couple is forced to smell them. She rubs her toes over their noses, so they can sniff better the intense fragrance. She continues for several minutes, without mercy.

having fun with them



Eva is talking with his boyfriend Gianluca on the couch, when Ivy breaks into the room and points a gun to them. She orders to Gianluca to tie up and gag Eva. Then she does the same thing to him.

Ivy asks to Gianluca where is the bag with money. He doesn't know what she is telling about, so Ivy takes a chloro cloth and puts it over Eva's mouth. She keeps it until the poor woman faints. She won't have mercy until he tell her where is the bag.

Ivy continues playing with Eva, handsmothering and strangling her several times with MORE INFO

a couple in peril



Eva is a maid who works for Ivy. Ivy is very fussy and a little respectful toward her. This makes her so frustrated, so she decides to give her a lesson. She puts a chloro cloth over her mouth, keeping white surgical gloves on. Ivy struggles and tries to scream, keeping her eyes wide open. Eva keeps the cloth until she faints.

Ivy wakes up, tied up on the couch. Eva comes back, lies down over her body and starts handsmothering her. She explains she does it because she is very tired of her harrassment. Ivy replies she will dismiss her, MORE INFO

rebel maid 4



Eva and Stella take off their pantyhose and continue the foot smelling challenge.

Eva puts her stinky toes over the nose of Stella. Sometimes she shows a close up of her large soles. She forces Stella to smell her bare feet for several minutes, pushing them tight.

They change their roles. Stella puts her bare stinky feet over Eva's mouth and nose and pushes them tight. She continues for several minutes, then she smothers her with them. Eva can't breathe under the feet of her rival fighter and Stella has no mercy, so she continues her foot smother attack until the end. 

stinky feet challenge



Stella is tied up and gagged with duct tape on the chair. She struggles and tries calling for help.

Eva comes back, full dressed in leather. She fondles her head with leather gloves on, then she puts an arm around her neck, smothering her with a tight sleeperhold grip.

Eva continues her kinky game, putting her both gloved hands around Stella's neck, strangling her. She does it several times, alternating it with other sleeperhold grip.

Near the end, Eva takes a rope, ties it around Stella's neck and pulls it, strangling her. She has no mercy and continues this perverse action until the MORE INFO

dangerous leather 3