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A hooker reaches the house of a rich client, wearing a pair of leather boots, leather jacket and leather skirt. She talks with man about the price and what she can do. The man wants to see her in underwear before, so she takes off her skirt and jacket.

The man wants more and the price she just sat is not good for him. Eva threatens him to call her pimp. This makes him mad, so he takes a rope and puts it around her neck. The he pulls it.

Eva struggles and tries to remove the rope, fighting for air. The MORE INFO

strangling the hooker



Eva is tied up and gagged on the bed. Ivy enters the room and takes off her high heels shoes. She puts her stinky feet in pantyhose over Eva's face and forces her to smell them. She rubs the toes and pushes the soles tight over her nose, making a good domination game.

Near the half of clip, Ivy takes off her pantyhose and continues the game using bare feet. She removes the duct tape from Eva's mouth and pushes them tight over her nose, so she must smell more and more. Sometimes, she licks toes and soles and Ivy puts MORE INFO

bound for smelling 2



Eva and Janelle are two feet lovers. Janelle puts her stinky feet in stockings over Eva's mouth and nose and forces her to smell them. Eva likes so much this game, so she sniffs deeply the soles and the toes.

Janelle takes off her stockings and continues the game with bare feet. This time Eva can sucks the toes and licks the soles. Janelle pushes the feet tight over Eva's face, smothering her. She continues for long time.

In the second part of clip, Eva puts her stinky feet in stockings over Janelle's mouth and nose. Janelle likes so much the smell MORE INFO

stinky feet sharing



Ivy opens the door and Eva pushes her to the wall, fondling her face. Ivy tries to escape, but Eva grabs her from behind and puts a hand over her mouth. Ivy struggles and Eva handsmothers her tight for long time. Then she throws her on the floor and the cat fight begins.

She holds her legs with a hands, then she smothers her with the other one. She dominates her with a camel clutch, pushing her neck with feet, an arm bar with legs over her face and a tight facesitting domination. Near the end she uses a strong scissorhold MORE INFO

fight hom submission



Eva is on the bed. Janelle appears behind her and puts a hand over her mouth. Eva struggles and makes muffled screams. At the same time she kicks and tries to escape. Janelle is strong and keeps her hand tight. Sometimes she pinches her nose too with the other hand, holding her breath. She continues this action for several minutes.

Janelle takes a chloro cloth and puts it over Eva's mouth. Eva struggles again and tries to escape, but the substance makes her weaker and Janelle keeps the cloth more than one minute, until she faints.

Eva wakes up and finds herself MORE INFO

under large black hands



Ivy Satinee breaks into a bedroom, wearing a catsuit and a pair of leather gloves. She starts searching for valuables in a drawer, when Eva wakes up and tries to call for help. Ivy handgags her, to prevent her for scream. Then she puts a chloro cloth over her mouth. Eva struggles and tries to escape, but the substance takes effect and she passes out.

Eva wakes up and finds herself tied up and gagged with duct tape. Ivy comes back and starts playing with her body, because she finds her very attractive. She handgags and handsmothers her, fondling her breasts MORE INFO

lesbian thief



Janelle is a thief in leather who is searching for valuables inside a bedroom. She is not alone. Eva, another thief in leather, breaks into the same house and grabs her from behind. She handgags her tight, but Janelle reacts and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth. She keeps it until she faints and continues searching for valuables.

Eva wakes up soon and surprises Janelle from behind again. This time she puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and keeps it for long time, causing the pass out of Janelle.

Eva finds Janelle very attractive, so she decides to play with MORE INFO

rival thieves



Eva is in the bathroom. A man in balaclava and black leather gloves grabs her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth. She struggles and tries to tell him to let her go, but he keeps the cloth tight until she faints. Then he lifts and carries her to the bedroom, where he puts a stuff inside her mouth and gags her with red tape.

Eva wakes up, tied up with handcuffs and gagged. The man comes back and starts playing with her. He puts his gloved hand over her mouth and nose and smothers her several times. MORE INFO

heavily smothered



Meryl shows a close up of her soles, covered with a pair of brown pantyhose.

She goes to the bedroom, where Eva is tied up and gagged on the bed and struggles. Meryl gives her a lesson. She puts her stinky feet in pantyhose over her nose, forcing her to smell them. She continues for several minutes, when she presses them tight, so Eva can't breathe under them. This action continues until the end of clip. Eva has no air.

stinky pantyhose lesson



Meryl is sleeping on the bed. Eva breaks into the apartment and reaches the bedroom. She ties up Meryl with duct tape, holding her wrists, her legs and her ankles.

When Meryl wakes up, Eva shuts her up with some tight handgags. The she takes off her sock and puts it inside her mouth. She finishes her bondage game with a red tape around Meryl's mouth.

Eva leaves the bedroom and Meryl continues struggling for some minutes. Then she takes off the gags from her mouth and tries to untie herself.

gagging meryl