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Meryl comes back to home. Eva grabs her from behind, puts an arm around her neck and a gloved hand over her mouth and nose. Meryl struggles, but Eva keeps her tight handsmother grip for long time. Then she takes a chloro cloth and puts it over Meryl's mouth. She keeps it until she faints.

Meryl wakes up, stripped and tied up to the chair. Eva explains she captured her because she know her parents are rich and she wants money from them. She calls Meryl's mother at the phone. Meryl tries to call fro help, but Eva keeps her handgagged MORE INFO

student in peril



Eva breaks into a house and waits hidden inside a bedroom. When the tenant enters in it, she grabs him from behind and puts a chloro cloth over his mouth and nose. He struggles and makes muffled screams. Eva keeps the cloth tight until he faints and falls to the ground.

The man wakes up and finds himself wrapped up inside a plastic sheet. Eva explains him she is a bounty huntress and she knows there is a reward on his head. He tells her she got the wrong person, but she immediately takes a piece of duct tape and puts MORE INFO

bounty huntress



Eva is in underwear and wear only a pair of nylon pantyhose. She shows her large soles in front of the camera for a couple of minutes, covered by them.

Stella is tied up on the bed and Eva now is near her. She fondles her body with feet in pantyhose, then she puts them over her mouth and nose, forcing her to smell them. Stella struggles and tries to scream, because she can't resist under the feet of Eva. They are stinky.

Eva pushes her feet in pantyhose over Stella's mouth and nose several times, for almost ten minutes. She continues MORE INFO

smelly pantyhose slave



Eva breaks into a bedroom, full dressed in leather. She has jacket, gloves and pants.

When Stella arrives to the bedroom, she grabs her from behind, putting an arm around her neck and a gloved hand over her mouth. Stella struggles and tries to make herself free. Eva keeps the grip tight and holds her breath, pinching her nose too. Sometimes, she removes the gloved hand and Stella can ask her what does she want, breathing hard. Eva handsmothers her again and keep the hand until she passes out.

Stella wakes up and finds herslef tied up and gagged on the bed. MORE INFO

smothering in leather 3



Eva and Diane are outdoor. They puts on a balaclava and a pair of black leather gloves.

They find the hidden key and breaks into the house. They start searching valuables inside the drawers, but Diane grabs Eva from behind and forces her to sit down on the chair. Then she ties her wrists and ankles with duct tape.

This is not enough. Diane use the duct tape to tie Eva's torso and finally removes her balaclava from her face and gags her. Then she puts the balaclava over her head again and tells to Eva she will call the police.


tied by the accomplice



Eva and Diane are in nylon pantyhose and start a fight. Eva grabs Diane from behind and puts an arm around her neck and a hand over her mouth and nose. The sleeperhold + handsmother action continues for two minutes, then Diane throws Eva to the floor and forces her to smell her stinky feet.

Eva removes the feet from her face and continues a sleeperhold + handsmother action for other two minutes.Then she throws Diane to the floor and puts her legs around her neck, making a tight scissorhold smothering technique, wich has a duration of over three minutes.


eva vs diane: pantyhose fight



Diane in balaclava and black leather gloves appears behind Eva and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Eva struggles, but she is forced to breath the substance and slowly passes out.

Diane leaves Eva in underwear. When she wakes up, Diane puts a bare foot over her face and keeps her quiet with several handgag actions. Then she takes the chloro cloth and puts her to sleep for the second time.

Diane fondles and smells stinky feet of Eva, while she is sleeping. Eva wakes up and Diane puts a gloved hand over her mouth, to prevent her to MORE INFO

playing with eva



Diane is very angry with Eva, because she just lost an important customer. Eva thinks it is not only her fault, so this makes her angry too. She grabs Diane from behind and puts a hand over her mouth and nose and keeps it for almost one minute. Diane makes her free and tells to Eva she was suffocating her and she is crazy. Eva takes a chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth. Diane struggles, but Eva keeps the cloth tight for long time, until Diane faints.

Eva puts on a pair of black leather gloves and starts stripping MORE INFO

problems at work



Eva is tied on the floor. A gang of men have captured her. She calls for help, but the leader of the gang orders her to shut up.

The woman unties herself and wait until the leader comes back. She throws him to the floor and puts a hand over his mouth. She takes off her high heels shoes and starts a fight against him.

Eva is taller and stronger than him. She can dominate him with a mix of hand over mouth and foot smother. She finishes him putting her large hands over his mouth and nose.

eva revenge



Eva is tied up on the chair. She is sleeping. Stella takes off her shoes and puts her legs over an hassock.

Eva wakes up. Stella starts tickling her bare feet. Eva laughs and begs her to stop. Stella has no mercy and continues tickling her feet.

Stella goes behind the slave and tickles her armpits and hips. Eva can't stand this game, so she begs her to stop again, screaming so loud. Stella doesn't want to stop, so she handgags her and continues the game.

Stella plays with Eva's feet for the second time. She thinks this is enough for her slave, MORE INFO

tickling the slave