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Lilian sees a man broke into her house. He is napping on her couch. She decides to give him a punishment.

She puts an arm around his neck, making a strong sleeperhold grip. He tries to scream and struggles, but he can't breathe and slowly faints. Lilian ties up and gags him on a chair. Then she attacks him with a second strong sleepethold grip and drags him on the floor.

A long smother domination begins: Lilian keeps the man handgagged with one hand, then she squeezes his neck with the other one. She immobilizes his head between her legs, making a tight scissorhold grip. She uses her breasts to smother him, leaving no MORE INFO

sleeping on her couch 3



Gianluca is napping to a couch. Bianca and Lux come back to home and see him. Bewildered by the intrusion, they decide to give him the right punishment. Lux puts an arm around his neck and Bianca kicks his crotch. He wakes up and begs them to let him go. They don't accept runaround and continue their domination. Bianca puts her arm around his neck and keeps it tight, making a strong sleeperhold grip. He can't resist for long time and faints.

They lift and carry him to a chair, where they tie and gag him. When he wakes up, they MORE INFO

sleeping on their couch 2