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Bianca is talking at the phone with her friend. Luna appears behind her, wearing a surgical mask and a pair of surgical white gloves. She puts her both gloved hands over her mouth and keeps them tight. Bianca struggles, kicks and tries to remove them. Luna takes a chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth, keeping it with both hands. Bianca makes muffled screams, before passing out.

Bianca is tied ...VIEW MORE

hypochondriac fake nurse



Gianluca is prisoner in the attic. He wears only underpants. He is hungry and cold.

Janelle arrives to the small room. He begs her to let him go, but she has no mercy and replies she will do it only after a long domination session. He has the only chance to accept and suffer.

Janelle sits over his face, pushing it with her big ass in pantyhose. She holds his breathe for ...VIEW MORE

prisoner of janelle



Valentina is reading a magazine. A misterious woman in leather jacket, pantyhose, balaclava and leather gloves, appears behind her and points a gun to her head. Valentina is scared and the woman pushes her to the wall and puts a gloved hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. At the same time, she fondles her body with the gun.

The woman orders to Valentina to strip herself. Valentina is forced ...VIEW MORE

maniac woman



Diane in balaclava and black leather gloves appears behind Eva and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Eva struggles, but she is forced to breath the substance and slowly passes out.

Diane leaves Eva in underwear. When she wakes up, Diane puts a bare foot over her face and keeps her quiet with several handgag actions. Then she takes the chloro cloth and puts her to sleep for ...VIEW MORE

playing with eva



Cali comes back to home and takes off her high heels shoes, showing her feet in stockings. Then she strips herself, remaining in underwear.

At the same time Bella is hidden in another room and pours the chloroform on a cloth. She grabs Cali from behind, wearing a scarf mask and puts a hand over her mouth and nose. Cali struggles, because she can't breath under the hand. Bella handsmothers her ...VIEW MORE

her doll 4



Diane is very angry with Eva, because she just lost an important customer. Eva thinks it is not only her fault, so this makes her angry too. She grabs Diane from behind and puts a hand over her mouth and nose and keeps it for almost one minute. Diane makes her free and tells to Eva she was suffocating her and she is crazy. Eva takes a chloro cloth and ...VIEW MORE

problems at work



Terra comes back to home, after a working day. She sits down on the couch and takes off the shoes, showing her feet, covered with a pair of nylon stockings. She massages her feet, then she takes off the bra and fondles her breasts.

A female leather gloved hand appears and puts a chloro cloth over Terra's mouth and nose. She struggles and tries to remove the gloved hand from her ...VIEW MORE

bounded at home 2



Serial who leaves red leather gloves in the apartments is back. This time, her victim is Jamie. She notices the pair of red leather gloves after a phone calling. She is terrified when she sees them. She has no time to call for help, because Dee points the gun to her head and handgags her. Crazy woman puts a chloro cloth over Jamie's mouth and nose, keeping it until she ...VIEW MORE

red gloves serial 2



Bella is a perverted woman who loves molesting other women. She is attracted by female feet. She breaks into Maria's apartment, wearing a pair of long black leather gloves and holding a gun.

When Maria comes back to home, Bella points the gun to her head, telling her real intentions. She drags her to the couch and holds her breath with a tight handsmother. Bella wants smelling Maria's stinky feet so ...VIEW MORE

perversion 3



Cali is a very nagging woman. Carissa tells her to shut up, but Cali doesn't listen her. Carissa puts on a pair of red leather gloves and handgags Cali. This action makes Cali angrier, who puts her hand over Carissa's mouth. Carissa takes a chloro cloth and puts it over Cali's mouth and nose. Cali tries to scream under the cloth, but Carissa keeps it tight and cali passes out.

Carissa ...VIEW MORE

stinky female feet