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Eva enters in a room where she finds a paper sheet. She reads what is written.

Lilian enters in the room too and take the sheet. She starts reading aloud and we understand they are two professional hitwomen who work for the same agency. The boss wants only one of them for the next task and there are two options to get it. The first one is the surrender of Eva ...VIEW MORE

rival hitwomen



Laura and Stella are two close friends who work for a spy agency. They are on the couch and while they are talking in a friendly way, they takes off their clothes, remaining in underwear. Laura takes off her bra too.

Suddenly the mood of the conversation changes. Laura accuses Stella to have leaked some important informations about their company. Stella denies everything, so they start arguing loudly.

After speaking, they take action. They start fighting ...VIEW MORE

the traitorous spy



After getting Eva out of the way, Bianca now is free to search some documents. She doesn't know that Alba, another thief, is there and she is looking for the same documents.

Alba grabs Bianca from behind and puts an arm around her neck and a gloved hand over her mouth. Bianca struggles and makes muffled screams. Alba keeps her handgagged for a couple of minutes, then she takes a chloro cloth and puts ...VIEW MORE

another thief full version



Carlo and Gabriel have just finished playing with Gaia, when Gianluca enters the room and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth. She struggles and makes muffled screams, before passing out slowly.

Gaia wakes up and when she sees Gianluca, she tries to escape. He grabs her from behind and keeps her handgagged, to prevent her from screaming. He tells her he will let her go only if she plays a ...VIEW MORE

smother me



Rea is a female slave who goes to mistress Lilli's home, for a session. She is curious to try something new, especially breathplay. Lilli makes her sit on the bed and surprising her from behind, she puts a chloro cloth over her mouth. Rea struggles and makes muffled screams. Lilli tells her this is part of the game, so she keeps the cloth until Rea passes out.

Rea is tied up with duct ...VIEW MORE

a weird mistress



Gianluca tells to Gaia he will let her go only if she plays a smother game with him as a domina. She agrees, using it as a good opportunity to knock him out.

She sits over his face, putting her pussy over his mouth and nose and looking at him. She finds this game quite funny so, while she is smothering the perverted man, sometimes she laughs, looking at camera.

Gaia changes her ...VIEW MORE

sit over my face



Eva is a thief in full leather outfit who is searching documents on a table. Bianca, another thief in full leather outfit, grabs her from behind and puts a gloved hand over her mouth and nose. Eva struggles and makes muffled screams for a couple of minutes, when she reacts with an elbow hit and attacks Bianca with a strong sleeperhold grip. She puts a gloved hand over her mouth ...VIEW MORE

rival thieves 2



Giorgia is a submissive woman who wants trying new experiences. She never stayed under the pussy or ass of another woman and she is curious about what she might feel. Her friend Bianca, who has a dominant disposition, is willing to satisfy her with great pleasure.

Bianca pushes her ass against Giorgia's face while they are on the bed, making a full weight facesitting action. She continues doing it several times and ...VIEW MORE

bianca facesitting supremacy



Agent Giorgia is tied up and gagged on the chair. She slowly removes the tape from her body and waits, hidden behind the door.

Gaia comes back and Giorgia grabs her from behind, putting a hand over her mouth and nose. Gaia throws her on the floor and pushes her ass over her face, smothering her with a full weight facesitting. Then she squeezes her neck with both legs, making a ...VIEW MORE

agent and villainess 2



Bianca and Stella are two fighters. Bianca wants demostrating she is the stronger, so she puts an arm around her neck and a hand over her mouth. Stella can't speak and breathes hard.

Bianca puts her large hands around Stella's neck, squeezing it, then she does the same thing with legs in pantyhose, making a strong scissorhold grip. She handgags her again and pushes her on the floor. Now she can ...VIEW MORE

bianca hom supremacy