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Eva is a thief in full leather outfit who is searching documents on a table. Bianca, another thief in full leather outfit, grabs her from behind and puts a gloved hand over her mouth and nose. Eva struggles and makes muffled screams for a couple of minutes, when she reacts with an elbow hit and attacks Bianca with a strong sleeperhold grip. She puts a gloved hand over her mouth too.

Eva throws Bianca to the floor and sits over her chest. She squeezes her neck with gloved hands and sometimes she keeps her handgagged. She continues the strangulation domination for MORE INFO

rival thieves 2



Giorgia is a submissive woman who wants trying new experiences. She never stayed under the pussy or ass of another woman and she is curious about what she might feel. Her friend Bianca, who has a dominant disposition, is willing to satisfy her with great pleasure.

Bianca pushes her ass against Giorgia's face while they are on the bed, making a full weight facesitting action. She continues doing it several times and sometimes she uses the pussy instead of the ass.

Giorgia can't breathe under the smelly pants of her friend, but she likes it. Bianca also has fun to dominate a woman MORE INFO

bianca facesitting supremacy



Agent Giorgia is tied up and gagged on the chair. She slowly removes the tape from her body and waits, hidden behind the door.

Gaia comes back and Giorgia grabs her from behind, putting a hand over her mouth and nose. Gaia throws her on the floor and pushes her ass over her face, smothering her with a full weight facesitting. Then she squeezes her neck with both legs, making a strong scissorhold grip.

Giorgia fights back and sitting astride Gaia, she puts her hand around her neck and strangles her. Then she keeps a hand around the neck and puts a MORE INFO

agent and villainess 2



Bianca and Stella are two fighters. Bianca wants demostrating she is the stronger, so she puts an arm around her neck and a hand over her mouth. Stella can't speak and breathes hard.

Bianca puts her large hands around Stella's neck, squeezing it, then she does the same thing with legs in pantyhose, making a strong scissorhold grip. She handgags her again and pushes her on the floor. Now she can keep under her control with a heavy facesitting combined with a tight handsmother. Stella keeps her eyes wide open.

After several hand over mouth smother actions, Bianca pushes Stella on the MORE INFO

bianca hom supremacy



Janelle and Liz start a fight with black pants and leather gloves on. Janelle throws Liz on the floor and puts an arm around her neck and a gloved hand over her mouth and nose. Liz reacts and sits down over Janelle's chest. She squeezes her neck tight with gloved hands and continues the action for several minutes, alternating it with some hand over mouth. Then she smothers her with a good facesitting technique and continues it without mercy.

When Liz thinks Janelle passed out, this one gets up and grabs her from behind, making another strong sleeperhold + handsmother action MORE INFO

gloved smother fight



Shanti is the mistress of Laura's brother and tells her he belongs to her. Laura replies telling to leave him alone and two women start fighting. Shanti throws Laura on the floor, sits down over her chest and puts her stinky feet over her face, forcing her to smell them. She continues this kind of domination for several minutes and does it standing up too and pushing the foot over her mouth tight.

After a long kinky game, Shanti decides to leave the room, but Laura grabs her from behind and throws her to the floor. Now Laura forced Shanti to MORE INFO

stinky feet fight



The fight between Luna and Stella continues. Stella hits Luna's belly with punchs and Luna reacts with a tight and strong sleeperhold grip.

Stella grabs Luna's hair and Luna puts her hands over Stella's neck, strangling her. Stella grabs Luna from behind with a long and second sleeperhold action.

The fight continues with punches and kicks. Stella leaves the bed and tries to escape, crawling on the floor. Luna sits down over her chest and puts her both hands around her neck, strangling her for the second time. She continues this action until the end of clip and drags the limp body MORE INFO

only hate



Kelevra and Janelle start a fight in pantyhose. Kelevra hits Janelle with some punches and kicks, but Janelle has a good resistance and throws her to the floor. She puts an arm around her neck and holds her head, making a strong sleeperhold action. She keeps the arm for a couple of minutes.

Kelevra is still on the floor and Janelle sits over her face with her weighty body, smothering her. Then she changes technique and puts her legs around her neck, making a hard scissorhold action. She repeats the facesitting and scissorhold again, then she strangles her and puts a MORE INFO

kelevra vs janelle: pantyhose fight



Stella goes to Luna's home, where she meets her. Both women wear a pair of long black leather boots. Luna calls Stella because she wants having lesbian sex with her, so they goes to the bed and start kissing.

After some effusions, Stella requires a payment for the performance. Luna didn't know she is a whore and this makes her angry.

Women fight until the end of clip with leather boots on. Sleeperhold, belly punching, hair pulling, slapping, spanking, strangling and pillow smother actions.

love and hate



Eva and Diane are in nylon pantyhose and start a fight. Eva grabs Diane from behind and puts an arm around her neck and a hand over her mouth and nose. The sleeperhold + handsmother action continues for two minutes, then Diane throws Eva to the floor and forces her to smell her stinky feet.

Eva removes the feet from her face and continues a sleeperhold + handsmother action for other two minutes.Then she throws Diane to the floor and puts her legs around her neck, making a tight scissorhold smothering technique, wich has a duration of over three minutes.


eva vs diane: pantyhose fight