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Lunakya is a dark nun who is praying. Soraya, another nun, grabs her from behind and puts an arm around her neck. Then she puts a hand over her mouth and nose, handsmothering her.

Lunakya reacts and sits over Soraya's face. Soraya can't breath under her ass, so she reacts and attacks Lunakya with a strong scissorhold technique. Lunakya reply with a foot smelling and foot smother domination against the rival ...VIEW MORE

dark sisters



After a mistaken identity, hitwoman Carmen this time breaks into Angel's apartment, her right target. She wears a balaclava, black leather gloves and holds a chloro cloth.

Angel notices Carmen, seeing her trough the looking glass. A fight between the two women begins. Angel throws Carmen to the floor. She puts both hands around her neck and strangles her. Then she handsmothers her with both hands and finally she puts her ...VIEW MORE

the right target