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Sadistic mistress Jamie this time has chosen her new victim: Danielle Trixie.

She loves too much the hand over mouth and breathplay games wearing a pair of black leather gloves.

Now it's time to use this techniques against her poor slave Danielle. Jamie handgags her, for prevent her to scream. With other gloved hand, she pinches the Danielle's nose, so she can't breath too.

Jamie tortures her slave with this method one more ...VIEW MORE

slave danielle glovegagged



Bad girl this time is dressed like a thief. She puts on her long black leather gloves and pours the chloroform on the rag.

She moves slowly, so woman who is reading a magazine on the couch can't hear her.

Bad girl surprises woman from behind, putting the chloroform cloth over her mouth and nose. She waits, keeping the gloved hand and cloth until woman passes out.

She strips and ties her victim, ...VIEW MORE

thief or mistress