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Student Gisy can't solve some lesson that teacher Carla gives her.

Carla is a pervert woman. She decides to punish her, wearing a pair of long black leather gloves and putting Gisy to sleep with a chloroform cloth over her face.

She ties and gags her favourite student and begins to dominate her. She removes shoes and socks from her and licks her feet.

She uses the handsmother technique too, with leather gloves ...VIEW MORE

pervert teacher



Ivy proposes a kinky game to Jackie. She will hold her breath testing the resistance.

Jackie accepts. Ivy begin to handsmother her. She continues until jackie indicates her the resistance limit.

Now it is the Jackie's turn. She uses her hand to cover Ivy's mouth and nose. Last one can't breath and she tries to resist more time than Jacie, because she hopes to win the game.

When Ivy breathes again, the game ...VIEW MORE

smother game jackie and ivy



Jamie and Eve are waiting men who have to bring them to a christmas party where they will dance.

While two elegant ladies are talking about the night, Jamie discovers there is only one man who will bring them to the party. He is the Jamie's husband and Eve's lover.

Jamie is very angry with her friend, so Eve keeps her quiet handgagging her with long black leather gloves.

Jamie is still furious ...VIEW MORE

dancing christmas



This is the continuation of ...VIEW MORE

slave revenge



Two female thiefs Gisy and Eleonore have just stolen money from a shop.

Eleonore wants all the loot for herself, so she uses a chloro cloth and knocks out her rival. With leather gloves on, she handsmothers gisy for some seconds, to be sure she is really sleeping.

Eleonore thinks it's not time to go away with money yet. She likes so much bondage and domination games, so she ties gisy with ...VIEW MORE

stolen loot



Gisy is dressed in black. She wears a nylon stocking mask and a pair of long leather gloves.

Like a thief, she surprises her poor rival, handagging her from behind and pinching her nose, so she can't breath.

After a sensual knock out with a chloroform cloth, she uses a rope to ties her and a scarf to gag.

When the rival girl wakes up, the real humiliation begins: handsmother with black leather ...VIEW MORE

dressed to kidnap



Sadistic mistress Jamie this time has chosen her new victim: Danielle Trixie.

She loves too much the hand over mouth and breathplay games wearing a pair of black leather gloves.

Now it's time to use this techniques against her poor slave Danielle. Jamie handgags her, for prevent her to scream. With other gloved hand, she pinches the Danielle's nose, so she can't breath too.

Jamie tortures her slave with this method one more ...VIEW MORE

slave danielle glovegagged



Bad girl this time is dressed like a thief. She puts on her long black leather gloves and pours the chloroform on the rag.

She moves slowly, so woman who is reading a magazine on the couch can't hear her.

Bad girl surprises woman from behind, putting the chloroform cloth over her mouth and nose. She waits, keeping the gloved hand and cloth until woman passes out.

She strips and ties her victim, ...VIEW MORE

thief or mistress



Sadistic mistress Jamie has just kidnapped a male slave. She desires to try her cruel and kinky games to him.

She wears a pair of long thight black leather gloves. Slave mustn't say a word, so she handgags him a lot of times.

Jamie enjoys so much to see poor slaves smothered and strangled with female hands, so she tests his resistance, handsmothering him with long black leather gloves.

After a long breath ...VIEW MORE

leather hands and feet



Gisy is talking at the phone with her boyfriend. She doesn't notice a female intruder behind her keeping a rag.

When Gisy relaxes on the bed, thief jumps over her, covering mouth and nose with satin gloved hands and the rag. Her purpose is knocking out Gisy and find money in the house.

Female thief continues to handsmother Gisy, making her unconscious. Now she can steal every valuables.

She searches in the dresser ...VIEW MORE

glove handgag fight