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Charlotte just did a shower and sits on the couch. A man in balaclava and leather gloves appears behind her and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth. She struggles and tries to escape, but she stumbles and he can grabs her again, keeping the cloth over her mouth tight and groping her breasts and pussy. She struggles and makes muffled screams again, before passing out.

Charlotte wakes up. Now she is tied up on the chair. The man comes back, gropes her breasts and keeps her handgagged. Then he puts her knickers inside her mouth and gags her with the MORE INFO

the intruder 2 episode 1



Lele is tied up on the chair. Elisabetta enters in the room, wearing a surgical mask and a pair of white surgical gloves. She is a young mistress and she wants playing with her new poor slave.

She grabs his cock with a gloved hand and starts giving him a handjob. Then she puts the other gloved hand over his mouth, to keep him quiet.

This is only the begin. Elisabetta likes so much smothering their male slaves, so she pinches his nose too, handsmothering him with a strong grip. She does it several times, while she continues giving him the handjob, MORE INFO

my prisoner slave



Bianca breaks into an apartment with leather jacket and leather gloves on. She searches everywhere, because she needs a secret document.

Ivy comes back and Bianca grabs her from behind, putting a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Ivy struggles, but Bianca keeps the cloth until she passes out.

Bianca searches everywhere again, but she doesn't find anything. Ivy wakes up, so Bianca interrogates her about the secret document. She doesn't know where it is, so she handsmothers and puts to sleep with chloroform again.

Ivy wakes up, takes off her shoes and slowly walks toward Bianca. She grabs her from behind MORE INFO

rival spies



Gaia is tied up on the couch. She is sleeping.

Eva and Ivy like her bare stinky feet, so they decide to play with her.

Eva fondles her limp body, while Ivy smells and licks her toes and soles. Near the half of clip, they change their roles. Ivy fondles her limp body and Eva continues worshipping her bare stinky feet until the end of clip.

feet of a sleepy woman



Sahrye and Morgan are playing with cell phones. Sahrye grabs Morgan and puts a hand over her mouth. Then she puts the other one over her nose, holding her breath. Morgan struggles, but handsmother grip of Sahrye is very tight. Morgan faints.

Sahrye ties up Morgan with ropes. When she wakes up, Sahrye starts tickling her bare feet. Morgan laughs so loud, because she suffers it. Sahrye continues her tickling torture, keeping Morgan handgagged.

The bad woman takes the duct tape. She gags Morgan with it, then she puts a piece over her nose, so Morgan can't breath under it. Sahrye has MORE INFO

tickled and smothered