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Cali comes back to home and takes off her high heels shoes, showing her feet in stockings. Then she strips herself, remaining in underwear.

At the same time Bella is hidden in another room and pours the chloroform on a cloth. She grabs Cali from behind, wearing a scarf mask and puts a hand over her mouth and nose. Cali struggles, because she can't breath under the hand. Bella handsmothers her ...VIEW MORE

her doll 4



Pretty model Angel is captured by Selena, a tall, strong and psychopath mistress who breaks into her house full dressed in leather, except the gloves, that are long black satin.

Selena keeps Angel quiet, handgagging her tightly with big gloved hands. Then she drags her to the couch and sits over her body, to keep the full domination role against her. Selena repeatedly handgags Angel because she loves so much ...VIEW MORE

crazy mistress



Dee is a mad woman who intimidated Jamie with a lot of phone calls. This time, she breaks into her apartment and reaches the bedroom, while she is sleeping on the bed. She wears a pair of long black satin gloves and a surgical mask.

Jamie wakes up with the chloro cloth over her mouth. At first she is able to remove the Dee's gloved hand and tries to go out, ...VIEW MORE

dee the stalker



Ivy asks to Jessica if she can help her to dominate a slave. Jessica refuses, because she doesn't want to be a mistress yet. Ivy and Elizabeth decide to use her like a slave, so Elizabeth surprises her from behind with a chloroform cloth. Elizabeth keeps the leather gloved hand over Jessica's mouth and nose until she passes out.

Jessica find herself tied and naked on the bed. Elizabeth puts her ...VIEW MORE

i hate domination



Attractive Gisy is captured on her bed by sadistic mistresses Jenny and Laura, while she is talking at the phone. Jenny covers her mouth with a yellow chloro cloth, wearing a pair of long black leather gloves. Laura holds her arms. They wait until Gisy passes out. Mistresses can begin their favourite games: they love so much force to smell their stinky feet, keeping the slave handgagged. They give a lot of ...VIEW MORE
double invasion 3



Sadistic mistresses Ivy and Nyxon break into Ammalia's apartment. They put her to sleep with a chloro cloth while she is reading a magazine on the bed. They tie her on the chair.

The humiliation begins: they force her to smell stinky feet, covered with nylon stocking. At the same time they keep her quiet with a gloved handgag.

Near the last minutes of clip, they handsmother her with gloved hands and ...VIEW MORE

double invasion 2



Eleonore is in her bedroom. She just came back from work and she is very tired.

A bad surprise for her. A woman totally dressed in black with a stocking mask, breaks into her apartment. She uses her black satin gloves to keep quiet and handsmother Eleonore.

A lot of hand over mouth smother actions until the end of clip.

encasement smother



Eleonore tries to steal in the Ivy's apartment. She puts her to sleep with a chloro cloth and searches everywhere.

She don't know that Ivy is a sadistic mistress who loves to torture hard her victims. When she wakes up, she grabs Eleonore from behind, handsmothering her until she passes out.

Ivy puts Eleonore into bondage on the bed. She has fun to strangling and tickling her, while the robber Eleonore is ...VIEW MORE

the wrong victim



Eleonore and Ivy are quarrelling. Gisy appears behind Eleonore and handgags her with black leather gloves, for prevent her to tell something against Ivy.

Gloved women begins the humiliation. Ivy forces Eleonore to smell her feet, covered with pantyhose, while Gisy keeps her quiet.

They smother poor woman with gloved hands. Ivy punches her stomach too.

Gisy handsmothers Eleonore with both hands. At the same time, Ivy strangles her. Eleonore passes out.

against gloved women



Sadistic Ivy surprises secretary Iside inside her office. She has a chloroform rag and puts it over Iside's mouth and nose. Secretary struggles a lot, but she inhales too much substance and passes out.

When she wakes up, she finds herself naked and tied on the office table.

Ivy knows smother techniques very well. She loves all kind of breath tortures. She uses her satin gloved hands and a pillow to suffocate ...VIEW MORE

the office table