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Jessy Jey is on the couch, when a man in surgical mask and surgical gloves appears behind her and puts a gloved hand over her mouth. Jessy struggles and makes muffled screams, while the man keeps her handgagged. After one minute, the man tells her who is and she calms down.

He is Lele, a doctor and her friend. She tells him this prank scared her, but at the same time she found it very funny, so she asks him if he continues with this game, but in a more erotic way.

Lele keeps Jessy handgagged with a gloved hand again and MORE INFO

the doctor episode 1



Agent Giorgia just finished Gaia, the woman of the criminal couple and now she is looking for Gianluca, the man. He anticipates her and grabs her from behind. He puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. She struggles and tries to escape, but he keeps the cloth until she passes out. Then he lifts and carries her on his shoulder.

Giorgia wakes up. She is naked, tied up and gagged on the chair. Gianluca comes back and starts playing with her, to avenge his girlfriend Gaia. He has fun squeezing her nipples and groping her breasts. She makes muffled MORE INFO

captured by the villain



Stella goes to Luna's home, where she meets her. Both women wear a pair of long black leather boots. Luna calls Stella because she wants having lesbian sex with her, so they goes to the bed and start kissing.

After some effusions, Stella requires a payment for the performance. Luna didn't know she is a whore and this makes her angry.

Women fight until the end of clip with leather boots on. Sleeperhold, belly punching, hair pulling, slapping, spanking, strangling and pillow smother actions.

love and hate



Ela calls Romy at the phone, wearing a pair of black leather gloves. She tells her she has to reach her room as soon as possible, because she wants starting a domination game. Romy refuses and makes Ela angry.

When Romy arrives to Ela's room, she apologizes, but Ela puts a gloved hand over her mouth. Then she orders her to strip herself.

Ela begins her sadistic domination game. She uses her leather gloved hands to spank the ass of her slave, who screams every time she beats her. She squeezes her hunkers too and keeps her handgagged several times.

For gloved handgag MORE INFO

handgagged and spanked



The bell rings and Stella opens the door. Eva and Janelle are two realtors and they ask some questions to Stella.

While Stella is talking with Janelle, Eva grabs her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Stella struggles and tries to free herself. Eva keeps the cloth tight until she becomes weaker and passes out.

The fake realtors tie up Stella on the chair and wait until she wakes up. They ask her where is money, but she replies to Janelle "Vaffanculo puttana" (Fuck you bitch). Eva handgags her from behind and Janelle starts interrogating and MORE INFO