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Jessy Jey is on the couch, when a man in surgical mask and surgical gloves appears behind her and puts a gloved hand over her mouth. Jessy struggles and makes muffled screams, while the man keeps her handgagged. After one minute, the man tells her who is and she calms down.

He is Lele, a doctor and her friend. She tells him this prank scared her, but at the same time she found it very funny, so she asks him if he continues with this game, but in a more erotic way.

Lele keeps Jessy handgagged with a gloved hand again and MORE INFO

the doctor full version



Alma wakes up, naked on the couch. Susanna explains to her they were playing kinky games and she smothered and strangled her. Alma remembers and comments the game was quite enjoyable, so Susanna decides to proceed to the next step.

Susanna takes off the leather gloves and puts on a pair of white surgical gloves. She tells to Alma to get up and she does it. She grabs her from behind and puts her gloved fingers over her pussy and starts masturbating her.

Alma moans loudly, so Susanna keeps her handgagged. They continue this lesbian game for some minutes, then Alma lies down MORE INFO

femdom gloved games 2



Arianna is a robber in leather gloves who breaks into a house and starts searching for valuables. A man in balaclava and leather gloves, who is the owner of the house, grabs her from behind and keeps her handgagged. She struggles and tries to scream. Sometimes he removes the hand to interrogate her, but she doesn't give him an answer. He is a insane man who hate female robbers, so he holds her breath with a tight gloved handsmother grip. He keeps the hand until she passes out.

The man takes off her boots, gloves and pants. He lifts and carries MORE INFO

a robber in the wrong house



Jessy wakes up on the couch and talks with Lele. She tells him she doesn't remember what happened exactly; she remembers the were just having sex and Lele confirm. Then he proposes her to continue doing what they were doing before and she approves.

Lele tells to Jessy to get on doggy-style position and he starts fucking her. Jessy likes so much this sex game and moans loud, so Lele keeps her handgagged tight, with surgical gloves on. This fucking action continues for several minutes and Lele often handgags and sometimes handsmothers Jessy, covering her nose too and holding her breath.


the doctor episode 2



Eva and Maya are two crazy women. They wear a pair of black leather gloves. They are talking about a kinky game against their friend Kelevra. They want smother her using different ways.

When Kelevra arrives to the room, Eva grabs her from behind and puts her both gloved hands over her mouth and nose. Maya holds her arms. The handsmother action continues with different poses.

Both women throw Kelevra to the floor. Eva smothers her with a tight facesitting action, while Maya holds her body. They continues the facesitting changing their roles.

Eva and Maya starts a hand over mouth suffocation action MORE INFO

double attack



Dena is sleeping on the couch. Mistress Shanti enters in the living room and sits down over her chest. Before Dena wakes up, she puts a hand over her mouth, saying "Surprise".

Shanti keeps her slave handgagged. She puts other hand around Dena's neck, then she uses it to pinches her nose. Shanti strangles Dena putting both hands around her neck. The mistress continues her smother domination, alternating strangulation and handsmother action.

Shanti puts on a pair of black leather gloves. Now the suffocation action continues with gloved hands. Dena is handsmothered and strangled different times. Mistress has no mercy and holds MORE INFO

hands gloves slave 3



Sadistic mistress Jamie has just kidnapped a male slave. She desires to try her cruel and kinky games to him.

She wears a pair of long thight black leather gloves. Slave mustn't say a word, so she handgags him a lot of times.

Jamie enjoys so much to see poor slaves smothered and strangled with female hands, so she tests his resistance, handsmothering him with long black leather gloves.

After a long breath torture, mistress forces him to smell her stinky feet, covered with a pair of nylon stockings. He must inhales the fragrance from her sweaty soles.

It's time to change a slave MORE INFO

leather hands and feet