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Eva and Maya are two crazy women. They wear a pair of black leather gloves. They are talking about a kinky game against their friend Kelevra. They want smother her using different ways.

When Kelevra arrives to the room, Eva grabs her from behind and puts her both gloved hands over her mouth and nose. Maya holds her arms. The handsmother action continues with different poses.

Both women throw Kelevra to the floor. Eva smothers her with a tight facesitting action, while Maya holds her body. They continues the facesitting changing their roles.

Eva and Maya starts a hand over mouth suffocation action MORE INFO

double attack



Stella and Janelle are two lesbian lovers who want to try new kinky experiences. They go to the bedroom, bringing a rope and a nylon bag.

Stella puts the rope around Janelle's neck, strangling her. At the same time, Janelle puts the nylon bag over Stella's head, suffocating her.

This kinky game continues for several minutes. Stella and Janelle change their roles, so Janelle strangles Stella with rope and Stella suffocates Janelle with nylon bag.

After a lot of smothering actions, they try the last experience. Janelle puts a pillow over Stella's face. She pushes it tight, so Stella can't breath. Janelle continues MORE INFO

bag rope and pillow



Janelle is a hitwoman in balaclava and black leather gloves. She breaks into Stella's home and reaches the bedroom, where she is reading a book. Janelle grabs Stella from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth. Stella struggles and Janelle keeps it tight, until her victim passes out.

The hitwoman plays with limp body of Stella, fondling it. When she wakes up, Janelle puts to sleep her with chloroform again.

Janelle takes off Stella's shoes. She smells her bare stinky feet, while she is sleeping.

Stella wakes up. This time Janelle puts a gloved hand over her mouth and nose, smothering MORE INFO

masked and gloved attack



Sinn and Jamie are talking about fetish games. Sinn tells she likes putting to sleep people with chloroform. She pours it on a cloth. Jamie smells it and she doesn't want be chloroformed, because it has a very strong odour.

Sinn grabs Jamie from behind and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Jamie struggles and tries to remove the cloth. The substance takes effect and she passes out.

Sinn puts on a pair of red leather gloves. She strips Jamie, leaving her only in underwear. When Jamie wakes up, Sinn puts her both gloved hands over her mouth and MORE INFO

my slave forever



Bella and Nikki are two gamblers who want to play a new fetish match, made-up by three games: chloroform, handsmother and bagging each other. Who resist more time win the game. Who win two of three games can receive 5000$.

Nikki takes the chloro cloth and puts it over Bella's mouth and nose. She keeps it for one minute and Bella passes out. Then Bella puts the cloth over Nikki's mouth and she resists for 70 seconds before passing out. Nikki wins the first game.

In the handsmother game, Bella resists for 90 seconds, while Nikki for only one minute. Bella wins MORE INFO




Raquel is going out from the bathroom, when a woman in topless with a mask and a pair of black leather gloves grabs her from behind. She covers her mouth and nose with a gloved hand, for prevent her to scream.

Raquel can't breath because the woman is handsmothering her. After one minute the woman removes her hand, but she takes a chloro cloth and puts it over Raquel's mouth. She struggles and tries to remove the cloth, but the woman keeps it tight and she passes out after one minute.

The masked woman ties up and gags Raquel on a chair. MORE INFO

raquel in peril



Jamie wakes up. She is bound and gagged to a chair. Sadie is sleeping with the face under her nylon feet. When Sadie wakes up, she smells the odour of feet and gets up. She is angry with Jamie and starts strangling her with gloved hands. She wants to know where they are and the reason Jamie puts her stinky feet over her face.

A male voice calls Sadie. He explains to her she can't escape from the room. She must do what he wants or he will activate a chip inside her head. Sadie hates Jamie because she was her MORE INFO

pawns in a game



Eve and Terra have a discussion. Terra is tired to listen the stupid things Eve is telling, so she puts a hand over her mouth. Eve makes muffled screams and Terra keeps her handgagged. Then she puts a hand around Eve's neck.

Eve tries to escape, but Terra throws her to the floor and sits over her face. She smothers Eve several times with a hard facesitting action. When Eve can breath, she is forced to smell the stinky ass and pussy of Terra, who puts them over her nose.

Terra puts a hand over Eve's mouth and pinches her nose with MORE INFO

furious wrangle



Bella is a mistress and Tomiko is her slave. Before the session starts, Tomiko explains to her mistress she likes smelling stinky feet, foot smother and hand over mouth smother. Bella takes a cloth and pours the chloroform in it. She puts the cloth over Tomiko's mouth and nose. Tomiko is scared and tries to remove the cloth from her mouth, because the chloroform has a strong odour. Bella orders her to relax and keeps the cloth until Tomiko passes out.

Bella ties up Tomiko on the couch. She puts a stinky nylon foot over her mouth and nose, while she MORE INFO

hands feet domination 3



Terra comes back to home, after a working day. She sits down on the couch and takes off the shoes, showing her feet, covered with a pair of nylon stockings. She massages her feet, then she takes off the bra and fondles her breasts.

A female leather gloved hand appears and puts a chloro cloth over Terra's mouth and nose. She struggles and tries to remove the gloved hand from her mouth. The woman keeps the cloth until she faints.

Terra wakes up and finds herself tied to a chair. The woman enters in the room. Terra can't recognize her, because she MORE INFO

bounded at home 2