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Daisy, a woman in balaclava, leather gloves and leather pants breaks into Angel and Candy apartment. She hears a noise of steps, so she waits hidden behind the couch.

Candy sits down on the couch and starts reading a magazine. Daisy grabs her from behind, covering her mouth with a chloro cloth. Candy makes muffled sounds and tries to free herself, but Daisy keep the cloth very tight, so Candy passes out.

Daisy reaches the bedroom, where Angel is sleeping. She chloroforms her too and keeps the cloth until Angel faints.

Both tenants are tied up, gagged and blindfolded. The masked woman takes MORE INFO

sadistic masked intruder 2



Agent Cali breaks into Hannah's apartment, a wanted woman who committed a lot of crimes. Hannah grabs Cali from behind. She handsmothers her wearing a pair of black leather gloves. Cali can't breath under gloved hand and passes out soon.

Hannah play with Cali's limp body. She touch her arms and her legs, covered with a pair of brown stockings. When Cali wakes up, Hannah puts an arm around her neck and handgags her. She keeps her mouth closed with gloved hand, then she takes a chloro cloth and puts it over Cali's mouth and nose. Cali struggles, but Hannah keeps MORE INFO

agent and villainess



A misterious woman is holding a chloro cloth. We can see only her gloved hand and black leather boots.

Jamie is combing herself, when the misterious woman holds her head with the gloved hand and puts the cloth over her mouth and nose with other hand. A long close up scene, where the wide open eyes of Jamie, black leather gloves and chloro cloth are pointed out. After a long and intense chloroform inhalation, Jamie passes out.

Jamie finds herself tied, gagged and blindfolded on a chair. She starts struggling and tries uselessly to scream. She makes only muffled shouts.

The misterious woman MORE INFO

female serial



Eve is a very talkative woman. Her roommate Star is very tired to listen her silly noise, so she decides to stop her.

Star puts on a pair of black leather gloves and handgags Eve. This one continues to talk under her gloved hand, making muffled sounds. Star keeps the hand for some minutes, but the handgag can't stop the boring speech of Eve.

Star puts a chloro cloth over Eve's mouth and nose. Eve makes muffled sounds again, but the chloroform vapours put her to sleep.

When Eve wakes up, she begins to talk again. Star understand that the only way to MORE INFO

talking too much



Eve talks to Jacquelyn what's happened some days before. Their friend Vivian is a hitwoman and she tried to kill her. Jacquelyn and Eve decide to make a revenge against her, so both women put on a pair of long black leather gloves.

The bell rings. Jacquelyn opens the door, while Eve waits hidden behind it. Vivian notices the long gloves of Jacquelyn and she has not time to think why she is wearing them. Eve grabs her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth. A very bad surprise for Vivian, because she thought Eve was die after MORE INFO

long gloves victim



Carmen is very angry because Angel tried to steal her boyfriend. She decides to make a revenge against her. She surprises her with a chloro cloth while she is smoking a cigarette on the terrace. She drags her inside the apartment and keeps closed her mouth with chloro cloth for several time, until Angel passes out.

The jealous girlfriend ties the poor victim on the couch and closes her mouth with a ballgag. She takes a pair of black leather gloves and puts them. She has fun to pinch Angel's nose and sees her short of air.

Carmen removes the ballgag, but MORE INFO

jealous brunette



Jamie meets Jacquelyn, a misterious business woman in red leather gloves. After a long conversation, Jamie guesses Jacquelyn wants to cheat her, so she decides to say goodbye to her and go away. Jacquelyn takes a chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth and nose. Jamie has the only chance to breath, smells the vapours of chloroform and passes out.

Jacquelyn ties and gags her on a chair and waits until Jamie wakes up. Jacquelyn admits she hates people who refuse her proposals and nobody escaped from her. Jamie is very scared and Jacquelyn starts her mad plan. She takes MORE INFO

scammer in red gloves



Niki is a robber who is stealing. She notices another robber is breaking into the same apartment and she waits her hidden behind a door. Ammalia, the other robber, is surprised with a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Ammalia tries to remove the gloved hand wich keeps the cloth over her face, but Niki has a tight grip and Ammalia passes out.

Niki continues to steal in the apartment. Ammalia wakes up and see the cloth near her. She takes it and goes to the bedroom, where Niki is searching in the drawers. She sees her and puts the MORE INFO

money is mine



Keri and Sinn are two models who just lost a good occasion to work with an important photographer. A wrangle between them starts. Sinn doesn't want to listen any reason from Keri, so she handgags her. After some seconds, Keri removes the Sinn's hand from her mouth and decides to give her a lesson. She grabs her from behind and puts an arm around her neck, then she covers her mouth and nose with a hand.

Sinn remembers that Keri is an expert in suffocation techniques. She is holding her breath with a tight handsmother grip. She keeps the hand until MORE INFO

missed occasion



Sinn Sage is tied and gagged on the chair. Goddess Dee decides to remove the duct tape from her mouth, but Sinn starts to scream, so Dee shuts her with a hand over mouth, covered by a pair of long black leather gloves.

Goddess Dee has a lot of fun to hold breath to her slaves. She covers Sinn's nose with other gloved hand, smothering her. The handsmother game continues for almost then minutes.

Dee takes a plastic bag and puts it over Sinn's head, then she handgags her. The plastic bag suffocation scene continues until the end of clip.

mistress of breath