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A misterious woman in balaclava and black leather gloves grabs Dena from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. She drags her to the couch and keeps the cloth until Dena passes out.

The masked woman ties up and gags her victim with duct tape on the floor. She sits down on her chest and starts fondling her body. When Dena wakes up, the woman puts her gloved hands around her neck and strangles her. Then she puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose again, putting her to sleep for the second time.

The woman removes MORE INFO

masked gloved



Jamie is tied and gagged on the bed. Mistress Shauna takes off her black leather boots, showing feet, covered with a pair of stockings. For some seconds, we can watch a POV scene of her foot.

Shauna puts her stinky feet over Jamie's nose, forcing her to smell them. A long and intense foot smelling action until the first half of video clip. Jamie makes a lot of muffled scream under the tape gag and toes of the mistress.

Shauna removes her feet and changes her domination method. She puts a hand over Jamie's mouth and pinches her nose with other, for MORE INFO

hands feet domination 2



Danielle Trixie and Jamie Daniels in this chloroform handgag fight video clip.

Danielle is a lesbian woman. She loves Jamie since they were teen. She think it is the right moment to declare her passion to Jamie, but this one doesn't agree.

Jamie tries to escape, but Danielle grabs her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her face. She likes to hear the muffled screams of her lover.

Jamie is sleeping. Danielle plays with limp body, fondling it. She waited this moment for a long time.

When Jamie wakes up, Danielle handgags her and put the chloro cloth over her face again. MORE INFO

a lesbian affair



Man is relaxing on his sof. He can't do it. This time his girlfriend enters in the room wearing a pair of white latex surgical gloves. She is holding a chloro cloth and she want to play a new sensual and exciting game. She covers his mouth and nose with cloth, hearing the muffled screams of poor man forced to breath the anesthetic substance. She keep the gloved hand until her boyfriend passes out. Now it's time to enjoy with his limp body. Bad girl uses a duct tape to gagging him and a rope to ties his wrists. She MORE INFO
dominant opportunity



Models Laurie and Sarah in a new fantastic adventure.

Laurie is crazy for latex clothes. She decides to make a surprise to her friend Sarah, entering in the apartment with a full latex catsuit.

When she reaches the bedroom, she pulls out a white rag and a bottle of chloroform from the handbag. Her intention is put to sleep poor Sarah with the anesthetic substance.

Sarah arrives. She can't see Laurie, because she is hidden behind the door. The poor girl feels the smelly rag over her mouth. After some seconds, she understands that Laurie is MORE INFO

the latex maniac