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Gemma is still tied up and gagged on the chair. Her perverted friend decides to play different games with her.

He removes the pieces of duct tape from her breasts and starts groping them. He squeezes her nipples and has fun to hear her muffled moans while he does it. Sometimes he pinches her nose with his gloved hands, so she can't breathe and we can see her eyes wide open.

After several minutes of nipple play and groping, the man makes Gemma stand up and from behind, he spanks her ass. She is always gagged and can't say anything. She can MORE INFO

perverse friend play with me



Janelle and Sabrina are two hitwomen who pretend to be whores. Their next target is Gabriel and they go to his house, while he is waiting for them in the bedroom.

Janelle puts her large hands over his mouth and nose and Sabrina starts giving him a blowjob. He can't say a word, because Janelle keeps her hands tight and she leaves no air for him. He can feel the exciting warmth from Sabrina's mouth and her tongue wich fondles his glans. Sabrina is very slutty and voraciously moves her mouth up and down.

After a long hand over mouth domination with MORE INFO

dirty games of a ebony goddess



Charlotte just did a shower and sits on the couch. A man in balaclava and leather gloves appears behind her and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth. She struggles and tries to escape, but she stumbles and he can grabs her again, keeping the cloth over her mouth tight and groping her breasts and pussy. She struggles and makes muffled screams again, before passing out.

Charlotte wakes up. Now she is tied up on the chair. The man comes back, gropes her breasts and keeps her handgagged. Then he puts her knickers inside her mouth and gags her with the MORE INFO

the intruder 2 episode 1



A man in mask and leather gloves phone to Mary. He is obsessed with her. She replies fuck you and hang up the phone.

The man reaches her in the bathroom and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. At the same time he fondles her big breasts. She struggles and makes muffled screams. He keeps the cloth until she faints, then he lifts and carries her to the bedroom.

Mary wakes up, tied up with duct tape. The man takes her socks MORE INFO

mary in trouble



Janelle and Sabrina are happy for the work done against Gabriel, but this is not the end. Janelle grabs Sabrina from behind and puts her large hand over her mouth and nose, handsmothering her. Then she continues holding her breath using both hands and keeping them until she passes out.

Sabrina wakes up, tied up on the bed with duct tape. She asks to Janelle why she did this to her, but Janelle doesn't reply and puts a stuff inside her mouth. Then she closes it with the tape over it and around her head.

Now Sabrina is tied up and gagged, MORE INFO

bound for dirty games



Mary is still tied up and gagged. The stalker in mask and leather gloves fondles her body. When she wakes up, he continues playing with her. He puts her to sleep with a chloro cloth two times. He repeatedly keeps her quiet with tight handgags and sometimes he handsmothers her. He fondles and squeezes her breasts.

After several domination actions, the stalker takes the red tape and ties it around Mary's nose, so she can't breathe under it. He has fun to see the eyes wide open of the poor victim, while she has no air. This scene continues until the MORE INFO

stalker continues the game



Laura is doing her daily training, when Queeny in black catsuit appears beside her. Laura tries to call for help, but Queeny takes a chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth and nose. Laura makes muffled screams, before passing out.

Laura wakes up, tied up on the chair with duct tape. Queeny takes off her shoes and socks, then she puts a sock inside her mouth. Laura spits it, making Queeny angry, who puts it again and ties the black duct tape around her mouth. Now Laura can't talk and Queeny pinches her nose and squeezes her neck. Then she MORE INFO

under hands and tape



Vanessa wakes up and finds herself tied up and gagged with duct tape. She starts struggling and making muffled screams. Valerie comes back and takes off her balaclava, so we can see her face now. She sits down over Vanessa's chest and puts a gloved hand over her mouth and pinches her nose with the other one, smothering her. Then she takes the chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth. She keeps it until Vanessa faints.

Valerie fondles the limp body of Vanessa. Then she grabs her bare feet and massages them.

Vanessa wakes up and Valerie immediately keeps her quiet MORE INFO

under gloves and tape



Kobe and Bella are sleeping on the bed. Kobe wakes up and sees a pair of black leather gloves on the drawer. She takes them and feels something weird. She puts on them. They are gloves of a demon, so they can control her mind.

Kobe toouches her body with gloves on, then she strangles and handsmothers herself. She takes a cloth and a bottle of chloroform. She pours it on the cloth and puts the cloth over Bella's mouth and nose. Bella struggles and tries to remove the chloro cloth. Kobe keeps it until she passes out.

Bella wakes up tied MORE INFO

devil gloves 2



Janelle is a sensory who works for a company of heroes. She calls the leader of the company because she feels someone is hunting her.

Supervillainess Obscura breaks into the studio. She immobilizes Janelle with a special lights and sounds power. She can release an invisible soporific gas from her gloved hands, so she handgags Janelle. The agent is forced to breath the gas. Obscura keeps her gloved hand until Janelle faints.

Janelle wakes up. She is on the floor, still immobile, because the power of Obscura held her body. The supervillainess starts playing with her. She smothers her with several facesitting MORE INFO

toxic power