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Bella is working on the pc. Jamie appears behind her, wearing a pair of red leather gloves and holding a chloro cloth. She puts the cloth over Bella's mouth and nose. Bella makes muffled screams and tries to remove it. Jamie keeps it tight until Bella passes out.

When Bella wakes up, Jamie takes off her boots and ties her ankles with a rope. Then she puts the boots, one by one, over Bella's faces, forcing her to smell them.

Jamie takes a look to Bella's nylon feet. She starts tickling them, keeping her leather gloves on. Bella can't resists and laughs MORE INFO

nylon and red gloves



Alison is in the bathroom. Soraya breaks into and grabs Alison, putting a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Alison struggles and Soraya keeps the cloth very tight. The substance takes effect and Alison passes out.

Poor woman wakes up and finds herself tied up to the bed with duct tape. Soraya starts tickling her feet, covered with nylon pantyhose. Alison can't move. She is forced to laugh. Soraya continues her tickling torture for long time. Sometimes, she handgags her, because she is tired to hear her screams.

Soraya chloroforms Alison for the second time. She doesn't stop her tickling action MORE INFO

her favourite game



Ashton goes to the Jamie's studio for a job interview. After a dialogue, Jamie explains her that before the engagement she has to pass the initiation.

Jamie puts a chloro cloth over Ashton's mouth and nose. Ashton struggles and tries to remove the cloth. Jamie keeps it with both hands, forcing her to breath the substance. Ashton passes out.

Ashton wakes up. She finds herself with wrists and legs tied up. Jamie tells her that she has to bear a long foot tickling action. This is the initiation.

Jamie starts tickling Ashton's feet, who repeatedly laughs. Jamie has no mercy and continues the MORE INFO

Keywords: chloroform  tickling  bondage  cleavegag  



Cali is going out from bathroom. Keri grabs her from behind, putting a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Cali is forced to breath the substance and passes out. Keri lifts and carries her to the bedroom, where Hannah is waiting them.

Cali wakes up and finds herself tied up on the bed. Hannah takes off a shoe and puts it over Cali's face, while Keri starts tickling her bare feet. Cali smells the shoe and laughs at the same time.

Hannah forces Cali to smell her stinky feet. Keri uses her hands to tickle full body of tied victim.

Keri and MORE INFO

a feet affair



Janelle is in the bathroom. A villain in balaclava and black leather gloves breaks into her apartment and pours the chloroform on a cloth. He surprises her in the bathroom, putting the cloth over her mouth and nose. Janelle tries to remove it, but he keeps it tight. The substance takes effect and Janelle passes out. The man lifts and carries her in the bedroom.

The man strips her victim, leaving her in underwear. Janelle wakes up, but he puts her to sleep again, pressing the chloro cloth over her mouth. While she is sleeping, he ties up her with silver MORE INFO

janelle in trouble



Sahrye and Morgan are playing with cell phones. Sahrye grabs Morgan and puts a hand over her mouth. Then she puts the other one over her nose, holding her breath. Morgan struggles, but handsmother grip of Sahrye is very tight. Morgan faints.

Sahrye ties up Morgan with ropes. When she wakes up, Sahrye starts tickling her bare feet. Morgan laughs so loud, because she suffers it. Sahrye continues her tickling torture, keeping Morgan handgagged.

The bad woman takes the duct tape. She gags Morgan with it, then she puts a piece over her nose, so Morgan can't breath under it. Sahrye has MORE INFO

tickled and smothered



A mad man in balaclava and black leather gloves breaks into a studio. He enters in the dressing room and grabs Ammalia from behind, handgagging her. She makes muffled screams and tries to free herself. The man holds her breath with a tight handsmother. She can't resist for long time and passes out.

The man carries Ammalia over his shoulder and leaves her on a bed. While she is sleeping, he takes off her shoes and socks, then he ties up her with duct tape.

Ammalia wakes up. The maniac starts tickling her feet. She laughs and begs him to stop. The MORE INFO

tickling before smothering



Chloe grabs Janelle and covers her mouth and nose with a cloth, soaked with chloroform. Janelle is forced to breath the substance and passes out.

Janelle is tied up by Chloe with duct tape while she is sleeping. Chloe takes off her shoes and starts tickling her feet. When Janelle wakes up, she feels the tickling action on her soles and starts laughing so much.

Chloe continues tickling her feet until the end of clip.

tied for tickling



Goddess Dee breaks into Jamie's apartment, wearing a pair of long black leather gloves and holding a chloro cloth. She slowly move toward Jamie, who is doing her make up. Dee chloroforms Jamie, keeping the cloth over her face until she passes out.

In the next scene Jamie wakes up and finds herself tied up to the bed. She has no time to scream, because Dee puts a duct tape over her mouth.

Now Goddess Dee can play with bare feet of Jamie. Keeping the gloves on, she starts tickling her. Jamie makes a lot of muffled screams under the duct tape, MORE INFO

evil woman lesson



Angel is preparing the pool table. A pool match between her and Simona is starting. Simona arrives in the room, but she doesn't start to play with her, but she surprise her from behind, covering her mouth and nose with a chloro cloth. Simona keeps the cloth until Angel passes out.

The "bondage pool match" begins now. Simona ties and cleavegags Angel on the pool table. Now she can tickles her in every part of her body.

Bondage and Tickling are the two main fetishes in this video clips. Good tickling action on the feet too.

a pool match