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Maggie and Janelle decide to continue their sexy game, making it harder and more exciting.

They take off their pantyhose and underwear and start playing with bare feet. Maggie puts a stinky foot over Janelle's mouth, who smells and worships it. At the same time, she fondles her pussy with the other one and starts masturbating her.

The two close friends continue this lesbian game for several minutes, smelling, licking and sucking their stinky feet and masturbating each other with them. When they reach the orgasm and are satisfacted, they put on their clothes and conclude the night with a flourish, before going MORE INFO

lesbian feet party



Sinn and Jamie are talking about fetish games. Sinn tells she likes putting to sleep people with chloroform. She pours it on a cloth. Jamie smells it and she doesn't want be chloroformed, because it has a very strong odour.

Sinn grabs Jamie from behind and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Jamie struggles and tries to remove the cloth. The substance takes effect and she passes out.

Sinn puts on a pair of red leather gloves. She strips Jamie, leaving her only in underwear. When Jamie wakes up, Sinn puts her both gloved hands over her mouth and MORE INFO

my slave forever(extended version)



Eva is on the couch. Bianca appears behind her and puts a hand over her mouth, keeping it tight. Eva starts struggling, kicking and making muffled screams, with a good gag talk. Bianca continues handgagging her for several minutes, sometimes keeping her both large hands over her mouth and nose, smothering her. Bianca then takes a chloro cloth and puts it over Eva's mouth and nose. Eva starts struggling and kicking again, but Bianca keeps the cloth tight until she passes out.

Now Eva is tied up and gagged on the couch. Bianca fondles her large feet, then she starts smelling MORE INFO

a hom surprise



Gaia and Pamela are on the couch. Gaia is massaging Pamela's neck, when she puts a hand over her mouth and starts groping her breasts. Pamela makes muffled screams, gag talks and kicks. Gaia keeps her tightly handgagged for some minutes. Sometimes she pinches her nose too, handsmothering her.

Gaia takes a chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth and nose. Pamela continues gag talking and kicking. She tries to remove the cloth too. Gaia keeps it tight until she slowly faints.

Gaia puts a piece of duct tape over her mouth and sucks her toes, while she is sleeping. When MORE INFO

fake massage



Eva is on the bed. Janelle appears behind her and puts a hand over her mouth. Eva struggles and makes muffled screams. At the same time she kicks and tries to escape. Janelle is strong and keeps her hand tight. Sometimes she pinches her nose too with the other hand, holding her breath. She continues this action for several minutes.

Janelle takes a chloro cloth and puts it over Eva's mouth. Eva struggles again and tries to escape, but the substance makes her weaker and Janelle keeps the cloth more than one minute, until she faints.

Eva wakes up and finds herself MORE INFO

under large black hands



Serial who leaves red leather gloves in the apartments is back. This time, her victim is Jamie. She notices the pair of red leather gloves after a phone calling. She is terrified when she sees them. She has no time to call for help, because Dee points the gun to her head and handgags her. Crazy woman puts a chloro cloth over Jamie's mouth and nose, keeping it until she passes out.

Dee puts on red leather gloves. She takes off high heels shoes of Jamie and smells them. She is obsessed by odour of female feet, so she starts smelling MORE INFO

red gloves serial 2



Cali is talking at the phone with her boyfriend. He tells her there is a serial killer who breaks into apartments of young women, smothering them and leaving a pair of gloves. When they stop talking, Cali notices a pair of red leather gloves on the desk. It's too late. Dee handgags and points her a gun from behind, wearing a balaclava and a pair of surgical gloves. Then she takes a chloro cloth and puts it over Cali's mouth and nose. She keeps the cloth until Cali passes out.

Dee takes off surgical gloves and puts on red leather gloves. MORE INFO

red gloves serial



Bella is a perverted woman who loves molesting other women. She is attracted by female feet. She breaks into Maria's apartment, wearing a pair of long black leather gloves and holding a gun.

When Maria comes back to home, Bella points the gun to her head, telling her real intentions. She drags her to the couch and holds her breath with a tight handsmother. Bella wants smelling Maria's stinky feet so she puts her to sleep with a chloro cloth to make her perverted game without disturb.

Maria is sleeping, so Bella can do it. She takes off her shoes and sniffs MORE INFO

perversion 3