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Luna interprets a businesswoman doing interviews at her home and Ale, this time, a worker who already has a job (and well paid) but wants to make a career

Luna wants to hire only very helpful people and that her employees are willing to do everything for the good of the company ... and not only that; she wants that they will make a lot of extraordinary and they will have a total abnegation towards the boss who, of course, is her.

At her home, in total privacy, she can test candidates, and this is because, in addition to normal bargaining about office, role and money, Luna also requires "small" extras that concern her person

Luna laughs satisfied for finding another loser for her company but the trials are so many and after many torture and after pathetically coming on his shirt,  Ale regains a bit of lucidity and  begins to relive on trade union rights, the role in the company and money so Luna, tired of these rebellions, puts her hands over Ale's mouth and nose to not hear the bullshits he says and smothering him so he understands that it can end up badly for him if he does not obey.

(Italian audio)

Video courtesy of Umiliazioni Italiane

Models: Luna, Ale
Time 12:21
Size 505 MB
Format MP4