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A Lesbian Affair 3

Eve is a sadistic lesbian who has just found her next victim. She breaks into Vivian's apartment and surprises her from behind, covering her mouth and nose with a chloro cloth. Vivian struggles and tries to remove the hands, but Eve's grip is too strong for her. After a couple of minutes she passes out.

Eve carries her to the bedroom, where she totally strips herself and removes all her clothes. Eve fondles her body and starts fingering her pussy, while Vivian is still sleeping.

Vivian wakes up and tries to scream, but Eve covers her mouth and nose with a hand, holding her breath. Handsmother action doesn't stop until Vivian passes out again.

Eve continues to abuse Vivian's body, fingering her pussy again. Every time Vivian wakes up, Eve puts her to sleep with her strong handsmother technique. She does it for a more couples of times, but the last time, she keeps her hand for too many minutes, causing the Vivian final pass out. Eve goes away, leaving the limp body of her victim on the bed.

Models: Eve Von Winter, Vivian
Time 15:29
Size 345 MB
Format MP4

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