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A Lesbian Leather Day (Full Version)

Laura receives a message on the phone, her next target is Norma. She puts on a strapon and the leather outfit. She reaches Norma's house and puts on the balaclava and leather gloves.

Norma comes back to home and Laura immediately pushes her to the couch. She tells her to touch the strapon inside her pants, then she starts kissing her and fondling her body. She takes a chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth. Norma struggles and makes muffled screams, before passing out.

Now the two women are on the bed. Laura strips Norma, taking off all her clothes. She gropes her breasts, fondles her body and kisses her, with balaclava still on. She puts the strapon inside her pussy and starts fucking her. While she is doing it, sometimes she puts a gloved hand around her neck to strangle her or over her mouth to keep her quiet. She continues fucking her for several minutes, in missionary and doggy style positions.

Laura takes off the balaclava and gives a french kiss to Norma. Then she puts it on again and takes a rope. She ties the rope around Norma's neck. She strangles her until she passes out.

Norma wakes up and still confused, try to search for her clothes. Laura comes back to the bedroom and pushing her to the bed, she puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose again and keeps it until she passes out. Then she calls Maat at the phone, telling her she will enjoy if she comes to Norma's house.

Maat reaches Norma's bedroom. She has a strapon and black leather gloves too. Both women now can play a lesbian threesome game. Maat starts fucking Norma in a missionary position, keeping a gloved hand around her neck. Then she continues doing it in a doggy style position, while Laura grabs her neck with a gloved hand.

Laura has still her strapon on, so she fucks Norma with it, while Maat keeps her quiet with a gloved hand over her mouth and nose or strangles her with a hand around the neck. She pushes her violet strapon inside Norma's mouth, so she has to suck it.

The two women continues dominating the poor slave, handsmothering and strangling her. Laura pushes her large strapon inside her mouth. Norma gets fucked again, when Laura lays down on the bed and she rides over her. Maat ties the rope around her neck and starts strangling her. Laura holds her arms, to prevent her from breaking free. Maat pulls the rope tight, while Norma gasps for air, keeping the eyes wide open. Maat has no mercy and strangles her until the end.  

Models: Laura Schwarz, Lady Maat, Norma Jean
Time 42:54
Size 3113 MB
Format MP4

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