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Agent Giorgia is tied up and gagged on the chair. She slowly removes the tape from her body and waits, hidden behind the door.

Gaia comes back and Giorgia grabs her from behind, putting a hand over her mouth and nose. Gaia throws her on the floor and pushes her ass over her face, smothering her with a full weight facesitting. Then she squeezes her neck with both legs, making a strong scissorhold grip.

Giorgia fights back and sitting astride Gaia, she puts her hand around her neck and strangles her. Then she keeps a hand around the neck and puts a hand over her mouth and nose, strangling and handsmothering her at the same time.

Gaia reacts and does the same thing Giorgia just did to her. She strangles her with both hands and keeps her quiet with a hand over her mouth and nose and the other one around her neck.

Giorgia is still strong and attacks Gaia with a facesitting before, then she tightens her neck with both legs, making a hard scissorhold attack. Gaia shows her suffering face, because Giorgia keeps her legs tight.

Now Gaia is weak, so this is the right opportunity for Giorgia to finish her. She takes a clear plastic bag and puts it over her head. Then she pulls it and keeps it tight, to be sure Gaia can't breathe. This is the end for a sadistic woman.


Agent Vs Serial Couple (Full Version)

Serial Couple 2 (Part 1)

Captured By The Villain (Part 3)

Models: Giorgia Roma, Gaia
Time 25:55
Size 1905 MB
Format MP4

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ADD TO CART €13.99