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Agent And Villainess 3

Mayla is a mobster who the government has been looking to arrest. They thinks they have a good chance of arrest her, after receiving a tip about the location of her secret hideout. They send one of their best agents, Persefone.

Persefone reaches Mayla’s hideout. She pulls out the gun, and starts looking for Mayla. She finds her and orders her to get her hands up. Mayla does what the agent says. Persefone makes Mayla get on her knees and searches if she is armed. She grabs some zip ties and when she was ready to tie her up, Mayla hits her with a elbow to the face. Persefone falls to the ground and she kicks the weapon out. Then she takes a taser and zaps the agent with it.

Mayla knows she needs act swiftly, before Persefone recovers. She grabs the zip ties and rolls the agent on her stomach. She ties her hands behind her back and also the feet and knees. Persefone starts screaming for help, so she takes a piece of cloth to stuff her mouth and a bandana to gag her.

Mayla realizes she can’t stay at the hideout anymore, because other agents could get her. She blindfolds the agent and proceeds to bring her to a different location, where she can interrogate her.

As they arrive at the other location, Mayla takes of the blindfold and throws her to the floor. She leaves her alone for a bit as she gets her interrogation tools. Persefone struggles and makes angry noises. She manages to get on her feet and starts hoping across the room in another desperate attempt to get free.

Mayla comes back with her tools, laughing at her. She takes a plastic bag and puts it over her head, repeatedly suffocating her. She takes a rope and strangles the poor agent with it. She takes off the gag from her mouth and interrogates her about the name, who she is working and other questions.

Finally Mayla strangles the poor agent with rope anyway, continuing until the end.

Models: Mayla, Persefone
Time 19:11
Size 1475 MB
Format MP4

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