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Agent And Villainess

Agent Cali breaks into Hannah's apartment, a wanted woman who committed a lot of crimes. Hannah grabs Cali from behind. She handsmothers her wearing a pair of black leather gloves. Cali can't breath under gloved hand and passes out soon.

Hannah play with Cali's limp body. She touch her arms and her legs, covered with a pair of brown stockings. When Cali wakes up, Hannah puts an arm around her neck and handgags her. She keeps her mouth closed with gloved hand, then she takes a chloro cloth and puts it over Cali's mouth and nose. Cali struggles, but Hannah keeps the cloth for almost two minutes. Cali passes out again.

Hannah goes out and leaves the cloth near Cali's body. Cali slowly wakes up, takes the cloth and hides behind the couch. Hannah comes back. She can't see Cali, who puts the chloro cloth over her mouth. Cali keeps it tight waiting until Hannah faints.

Cali strips Hannah and ties up her with handcuffs. She points the gun to her and orders her to sit on the floor. She takes a nylon bag and puts it over Hannah's head. She handgags her too with driving gloves, to be sure she can't breath. A nice and long suffocation scene wich ends with Hannah's faint.

Models: Cali Logan, Hannah Perez
Time 16:12
Size 362 MB
Format MP4

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