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Agent Who Likes Facesitting 2

Ivy is tied up to the bed. Bianca is the agent of a rival company who captured her.

She finds so funny smothering her victims and this time she wants trying a new method: the facesitting. She pushes the face of Ivy to sheets with her ass in pantyhose for some minutes.

She turns her chest upward and sits over her face with the stinky ass in pantyhose again. She finds this game funnier than the previous, because Ivy struggles and makes muffled screams. She covers her face with pussy, except the eyes, so she can view the suffering inside them.

Bianca has no mercy and continues smothering Ivy with several facesitting actions. She uses different poses and reads a book while doing it.

Models: Bianca, Ivy Blonde
Time 16:04
Size 595 MB
Format MP4

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