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Gabriel has brought Gemma to an out-of-town park surrounded by nature, where she has taken off her shoes and put her stinky feet over his face, making him to worship them.

She is thirsty, so Gabriel leaves to take a tea for her. She doesn't know that a man in balaclava and leather gloves is behind her and he puts a hand over her mouth. She struggles and tries to call for help, but he keeps the hand tight and gropes her breasts. He throws her on the ground, keeping her handgagged.

He only wants playing with her until her boyfriend comes back, so he puts a gloved hand under her shirt and gropes her breasts, while she continues making muffled screams. He always keeps her handgagged and sometimes he pinches her nose, to smother her. He tells her to fondle her pussy over her jeans pants and she does it.

Gabriel is coming back, so Gemma tries to escape from him. He absolutely has to stop her, so he grabs her fropm behind again and close her mouth and nose with his gloved hand, keeping it tight. Gemma can't breathe, kicks and keeps her eyes wide open, scared. He has not mercy and continues handsmothering her for long time, until her end. She leaves her on the ground and goes away, while Gabriel comes back and notice her. 

Models: Gemma Bones
Time 14:58
Size 1085 MB
Format MP4