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Another Traitor

Lexia comes to the room with a black catsuit and calls a man on the phone. She asks him if he already purchased the flight ticket.

Bianca appears in the room, full dressed in leather. She pours the chloroform on a cloth, then she puts it over Lexia's mouth and nose. Lexia struggles and makes muffled screams. Bianca keeps the cloth until she faints.

Bianca ties up and cleavegags Lexia on a chair. When she wakes up, she explains she is captured because she betrayed the "Black Ravens Cult" and as her predecessor, she deserves a punishment.

Bianca slaps her face with leather gloves on. Then she handsmothers her tightly several times, using different poses and proving her supremacy.

After a long smother action, Bianca takes the chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth and nose. Lexia struggles again, but she is weak and passes out.

Bianca decides to finish the traitor. She takes a plastic bag and puts it over her head. Then she pulls it, to be sure Lexia can't breathe. She continues until the end.

Models: Bianca, Lexia
Time 19:50
Size 1454 MB
Format MP4

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