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Black Ravens Cult

Stella opens the door and Bianca enters in the room. She is very scared, because she viewed the video where Scarlet, the leader of Black Ravens Cult, suffocated a traitor with plastic bag. She fears Stella and her are the next, because both women leaves the cult time ago. Stella reassures Bianca nothing will happen to them and asks her why she is full dressed in leather, the uniform of the cult. Bianca replies she did it for doesn't arose suspicion.

When Stella is leaving the room, Bianca grabs her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. She keeps it until she faints.

Stella wakes up, tied up and gagged with duct tape. Bianca explains to her she must remain loyal to the cult and their friendship is less important. She puts an arm around her neck and closes her mouth and nose with a gloved hand. She continues handsmothering her tight several times, squeezing her neck too and using different poses. After this actions, she puts the chloro cloth over her mouth again and keeps it until she passes out.

Bianca now uses the finish move of the cult. She puts a plastic bag over Stella's head and closes it with a rope around her neck. Stella tries to breathe under the bag, in vain. Bianca has fun to see her suffering face and keeps the bag for long time, until the end.

Models: Bianca, Stella
Time 19:10
Size 709 MB
Format MP4

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